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Monday, March 27, 2017

CA-34 Special Election Report: Alejandra Campoverdi's links to "Huizar's Enabling Friends".

As the multitude of 34th Congressional District Candidates seeking to replace NOW California Attorney General Xavier Becerra seek to garner Voter Attraction, the likes of Alejandra Campoverdi are ILL-SERVED via their association with questionable political operatives.
34th CD Candidate Alejandra Campoverdi.
** Blogger's Notes: Voters (including this Blogger) in the 34th Congressional District are a week away from selecting the two June Runoff aspirants, seeking to replace, NOW California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 
Usually, the process of selecting the candidate of choice, is an exercise in ascertaining who is BEST qualified, especially when the position is a rarely-open Congressional Seat, but with such a large candidate pool, its easier to engage in a Process of Elimination, of those with dubious policy positions and associations ........, as exampled by Alejandra Campoverdi.

As a non-Democratic/Socialist, Register Voter, its easy for me to dismiss an Office-seeker who worked in the divisive, President Barack "H" Obama Administration ........., and later for a certain "Propaganda Wrap of Disinformation on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", while being respectful of Candidate Campoverdi's Scope of Personal Achievements.
That stated, discerning voters of ALL political affiliations (especially those within the CD-14 boundaries), should have concerns with Candidate Campoverdi's alleged, CLOSE TIES with Urban Strategies Group Founder (and former Councilman Jose Huizar staffer) Paul Viscaino.
Viscaino is prominent among a group of "Huizar's Friends", who have formed LLCs that have benefited from their connections with the Princeton Graduate, CD-14 Officeholder, in securing (or extorting) lucrative contract opportunities, via promoting (and gaining approval for) community-altering Developments.
Last Fall, an Anonymous Downtown Developer sent CD-14 (and 34th CD) Voters a letter which STRONGLY insinuated that CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar was engaging in a "PAY MY FRIENDS FOR APPROVAL SCHEME" that ironically, the "Propaganda Wrap of Disinformation on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", found not newsworthy.
Yet, the increasingly Progressive Voting Base of the 34th Congressional District, may seriously ponder whether a potential, future "Latino (Viscaino) y Latina (Campoverdi) Incarnation" of the Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum Union, is in the best interest of their Congressional District----Scott Johnson
Alejandra Campoverdi's CLOSE ASSOCIATE Paul Viscaino.
Anonymous Downtown Developer Letter to CD-14 (and 34th CD) Voters. 
Former CD-14 Staffer, now Urban Strategies Employee Arturo Gonzalez, who has been seeking support for Candidate Campoverdi. 

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