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Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Special Mayor Sam Blog Field Trip Announcement!!

The Mayor Sam Blog will be in the invited audience as KFI 640 AM's "John and Ken" moderate the last 2017 Mayoral Candidate Forum/Debate with those seeking to replace a certain MIA Second Term-seeking "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee".
KFI 640 AM John (left) and Ken (right).
** Blogger's Note: We are embarking on a SPECIAL Bloggin Field Trip to Burbank as  invited, in-studio guests of the KFI 640 AM "John and Ken Show". The Talk Radio Duo will be moderating the last 2017 Mayoral Candidate Forum/Debate ...............,, minus a certain Yoga Pants-wearing, Snowflake-persona Officeholder. The Forum/Debate will begin at 4:20 PM, with all the other candidates expected to attend----Scott Johnson.

From last evening's LANCC Mayoral Forum.
Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee (and current Crime States) still MIA.

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