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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Bloggin Friday Night Scoop? .......... "Free Gas for Voter Registration Giveaway" on Saturday?

In lieu of California Governor Jerry Brown's PROPOSED Gas Tax and Vehicle Registration Hikes, a MAJOR Energy Company may undertake a FLASH, "Free Gas for Voter Registration Giveaway" on Saturday, in seeking to empower Working Class Constituents to OPPOSE Governor Brown's latest fiscal grab, targeting the Middle Class.
 California Governor Jerry Brown.
** Blogger's Notes: The Mayor Sam Blog has EXCLUSIVELY received a tip that a "Major Energy Company" will host a FLASH, "Free Gas for Voter Registration Giveaway" in either, CD-7, CD-1, or both on Saturday. Further, information on who is involve and location , has been embargoed for release until Midnight, Please check back in the A.M. on Saturday for further details----S.J.
Free Gas for Voter Registration? 


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