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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Who were The Purveyors of the alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement for Anointed Congressional Candidate Jimmy Gomez?

The UNDER-publicized California Democrat Party (CADEM) Endorsement Meeting that resulted in the alleged RIGGED Selection of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez to replace ex. 34th Congressional District Officeholder Xavier Becerra, is the subject of conflicting accounts on the Establishment-choreographed proceedings. 
The Establishment California Democratic Party kicking aside ALL challengers to the ANOINTED/ENDORSED 34th Congressional District Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 
** Blogger's Notes: A BLOGGIN DISCLAIMER!! In the convoluted political-exploiting mindset of aspiring 34th Congressional District Candidate (via Riverside) Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, the following missive on the TRUE background pertaining to his alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement by the California Democrat (CADEM) Party, at a SPARSELY, attended gathering at El Sereno's Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, will become a future exercise on Fake News in a California Public Education (via Indoctrination) Classroom
Its not often that we find common ground on a proposed Policy Issue with the affable Riverside-transplanted, former Educator (as "Credentialed" by Parke Skelton) but we cannot pass on sharing a future Teachable Moment on keyboarding the bloggin truth in media, via utilizing various sourcing as noted below----Scott Johnson.

First, from the "DownWithTyranny Blog" regarding Assemblyman Gomez garnering 97% support of CADEM-voting delegates;

Yesterday there were 58 delegate votes in all. One was cast for "no endorsement," one was cast for Robert Ahn and 56 were cast for Jimmy Gomez. I asked one of the delegates why it was so lopsided. "What have any of these people done for anyone? They are nice and they mean well but Jimmy is our Assemblyman and he's been up in Sacramento doing things for regular people... He made the California family leave program work for real people in this district. Before it was just something that sounded good on paper but only worked for people making 6 figures. Now it works for the whole spectrum of working women, including people who need it most on minimum wage... We know what we're getting with Jimmy and we like that."

One can surmise from the above passage that the "assembled delegates" were resolute in their support of Assemblyman Gomez.

Second, from the Facebook Page of fellow Congressional Candidate Wendy Carrillo.

Out of 103 #CA34 California Democratic Party delegates, only ONE showed up for today's endorsement. 57 voted by mail prior to meeting the candidates and 45 didn't vote/show up. ‬Mind you, the party asked all the candidates that presented today for a $350 filing fee. There's a lot of good people running, it would have been a progressive move for delegates to have actually met with those interested in presenting or have done a "No Endorsement" and have the people of the district decide. That's democracy. Only two delegates showed that kind of vision and leadership, one who showed up to listen, the other who voted No Endorsement. My solution for the party is this: All delegates must vote AFTER hearing from candidates who have filed and paid their fee to be a part of the process. Voting in advance constructs a system that operates on profits vs. ensuring a democratic process. Note: The delegates who voted this time around are the old delegates, not the newly elected progressive delegates that swept the establishment recently. They take their posts in May. 

Hmm. Judging from the posting above via Candidate Carrillo, only ONE delegate cared to show up in person (and voted against Assemblyman Gomez) .......... while the rest were absentee (balloted for Establishment Choice, allegedly).

Third, from the Website of "Arturo Carmona for Congress Campaign" regarding the CADEM Endorsement.

In response to the rigged and undemocratic process that undermines the Democratic voters of California’s 34th Congressional District, the following candidates who were present on Sunday’s meeting, Vanessa Aramayo, Arturo Carmona, Wendy Carrillo, Ricardo de la Fuente, Raymond Meza, and Michelle “Hope” Walker issued a joint statement. “As candidates seeking to represent the people of Los Angeles, we feel a responsibility to call out the dirty tricks being played by establishment politicians and party operatives who are looking to undermine this election. What the Democratic political establishment is telling us is, ‘We know best. We know what’s best for the people of Los Angeles. No debate, no discussion needed here. We got it. It’s Jimmy’s turn to represent this district.’ When party insiders and establishment politicians vote for the one candidate who fails to show-up to the endorsement process, and most of the appointed delegates voting decide to vote by mail, it makes it evidently a rigged, corrupt and undemocratic process. No matter what, we will keep coming out to fight and bring attention to rigged establishment politics. We can and must do better as a democracy.”  

"Rigged, corrupt and undemocratic process"? That is nothing FAKE ......., as usual from the Establishment CADEMs (but we digress).

Lastly, from most of the recently-elected 51st Assembly District Democrat Delegates. which should put the Anointed Establishment Candidate on notice that his congressional aspirations may suffer  from the "Russian-like behavior" of his CADEM supporters.

LOS ANGELES – February 6, 2017.
The newly elected delegates of Assembly District 51 (AD51), one of two districts located within Congressional District 34 (CD34), have become aware of the California Democratic Party (CDP) endorsement meeting that occurred yesterday.
As delegates, part of our responsibility is to participate in meetings such as this one to endorse candidates and ballot measures. However, due to the bylaws of the CDP, we newly elected delegates did not participate in the endorsement meeting for the CD34 Special Election to replace Xavier Becerra as our congressman. In fact, none of the newly elected delegates were even advised that such a meeting would be taking place. As such, when you read about the endorsement, the delegates being referred to are those who were elected in 2015 and whose terms are ending this May.

As organizers, volunteers, and community leaders, we, the undersigned, disagree with the manner in which this endorsement was conducted. The decision to endorse was made with only one delegate in attendance out of 103. Out of the remaining 102, 57 of them voted by mail before the meeting took place, and 45 didn't show up at all. In addition, no candidate forums or debates have been held to inform community members about each candidate's stance on the issues. These events run opposite to true democratic values. Namely, by not listening to the candidates speak and still casting a vote, delegates were not representing the interests of the people in CD34. Second, an official endorsement this early could only influence voters who haven't gotten a chance to get to know the more "unknown" candidates. To many progressives, this is reminiscent of the 2016 Democratic primary cycle.

Yesterday's action begs the question of whether the CDP and the current delegates were thinking of representing the interests of the People and welcoming the new, strong wave of progressives looking to get involved with the party. We look forward to working with others in the party to ensure that endorsements moving forward occur after making sure that voters have a chance to hear from all candidates. We hope that the grassroots candidates of this Special Election continue to fight for the People and the issues that matter to those in our district despite the results.

Ron Birnbaum
Tom Bliss, Silver Lake
Juan Carlos Jay Cee, Cruz, Lincoln Heights
Jane Demian, Eagle Rock
Mishna Eraña Hernandez, Highland Park
Eleanor Godfrey, Echo Park
Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Highland Park
Dennis Martinez, East LA
Eden McFadden, Echo Park
Rebecca Prediletto, Mt. Washington
Amarnath Ravva, El Sereno
Jeanine Rohn, Glassell Park 

In closing, we can extrapolate from above that the pending defeat of the Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, will NOT be blamed on Russian Intervention ........., but on the old Soviet System of undemocratic-like political theatrics.

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