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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Morning Brief on the CD 1 Political Scene for Tuesday

The Upstart CD-1 City Council Campaign of Josef Bray-Ali continues its impressive run of Endorsements, with the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board the latest in granting its support of the Highland Park Small Business Owner's bid to unseat Incumbent Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods ........., and a Leader who keeps his word. 
Indifference and Misplace Priorities equates to ..........., the moniker "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
** Blogger's Notes:  Four years (and more hair follicles) ago, a certain State Career Politico domicile himself within Ciudad de Los Angeles Council District (CD) 1, seeking a Pay Raise ........, and 12 years of Democratic Establishment-guarantee employment.

Building a coalition from the legions of disenfranchise community activists, who dreaded a continuation of the Reign of then, CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes, via his designated successor/endorsed candidate/Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, the noted "State Senator/Assemblyman One Bill Gil", became "City Councilman Gil Cedillo".
In an ideal Democratic Establishment-controlled Collective, the re-election of the nationally-renowned "One Bill (and a Dream Act) Gil" would be a Larry "Nativo" Lopez-rigged (allegedly) formality.
But the reality in 2017 for the Barstow Native, is that countless work days of indifference to constituent concerns (exampled by the still-closed Southwest Museum), misplace priorities (making paramount the accumulation of Developer's Contributions) ........., and Broken Promises to supporters (the selection of C.B.O. to operate the Cypress Park Community Center), has derail his Special Interests-financed bid for a Second Term. 
These adverse Officeholder Traits were all too apparent to even the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board, which made the audacious (in a rare departure from supporting the Establishment's desires) decision to endorse the upstart Campaign Challenge of Cycling Activist/Small Business Owner Josef Bray-Ali, that included the following passage regarding the Incumbent's Myopic Vision of the affects of Gentrification within CD 1.

Cedillo has a reputation among community activists as someone hell-bent on helping developers build market-rate housing while paying little regard for the more prosaic concerns of the neighborhoods. This disinterest in the community is troubling; even more so is his indifference to the displacement of low-income constituents. (He called displacement in his district an “urban myth” in a meeting with the editorial board. The city’s own data show it is not.) Building more housing is a virtue — the city is in a housing crunch, and more market-rate housing means more housing, period. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of a neighborhood’s affordability and quality of life. A councilman’s job is to balance the interests of neighborhoods with those of the population as a whole, and Cedillo doesn’t seem to be interested in that task.  

Indeed, the once "Champion of the Marginalized", has politically devolved into a mere shill of the Democratic Establishment-supporting Crony Capitalist Developer Class, that if not checked (at the Ballot Box in March), will forever alter the Integrity (and populace) of the historic and cultural CD 1 Landscape----Scott Johnson.

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