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Thursday, February 09, 2017

MIA Mayoral Candidate Gar-SOFT-ee touts Ex. President Obama Endorsement (while withholding Crime Stats?)

The stealth Re-election Campaign of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee, choreographs onwards as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico touts the "Endorsement" of former President Barack "H" Obama, while continuing to DODGE direct interaction with mayoral challengers ..........., and scrutiny of his TRUE record of accomplishments (or lack of).
Notice NO mention of Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's accomplishments in reducing Crime, Pension Obligations, Lawsuit Payouts or DWP Reform, by the ex. President. 
** Blogger's Notes: We bring you the latest in the stealth, choreographed Re-election Campaign of the stage-managed Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico, continues to replicate the 2009 Mayoral Re-election Charade of the now, California Gubernatorial (and former Failure Mayor) Antonio Villargovea. Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee, like the former Failure Mayor, is engaging in hypocritical, civic misconduct in DODGING candidate forums/debates opportunities city-wide, as he seeks to SOFT-pedal his supposed accomplishments to a growing cynical electorate. As evident in the latest, choreographed pronouncement, the Gar-SOFT-ee Campaign is timing the high-profile ex. President Barack "H" Obama Endorsement, to coincide with the arrival of Absentee Ballots, which will be the foundation for the support margin to guarantee a Second Term. BUT, we are also hearing rumors that TIMING is the POLITICAL MOTIVATION for delaying the publication of the latest Crime Stats that may reflect adversely on the Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee-styled (and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck) leadership in dealing with the rising Crime Rate ......., that is another reason (among a growing list of neglected issues) for the Upward-seeking Politico, continuing "lack of political fortitude" to stand and defend his Record-----Scott Johnson.    
MISSING!! A Second Term-seeking Mayor who will not DEBATE the challengers.
** Will Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee attend the following Candidate Forum? We will be in attendance to report----S.J.


HHWNC invites all Hollywood neighborhood councils (HHWNC, HUNC, EHNC, CHNC, HSDNC, LFNC) and stakeholders* to the February 15th mayor candidate forum.

Arrival 5:00 PM
Forum commences 5:30 PM
End time 7:30 PM
7:30 PM onwards reception / community mixer

Food and beverage provided by HHWNC
Open cash bar on-site at American Legion Hall (not sponsored)

American Legion Hall
2035 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90068

FREE PARKING behind the Hall and additional free parking in Lot D of the Hollywood Bowl at Highland and Camrose (N of Franklin)

*American Legion Hall Members are all stakeholders in HHWNC and invited

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