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Monday, February 20, 2017

Breaking (FAKE?) Polling News: Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez enjoys BIG Lead in 34th Congressional District Special Election Campaign (LOL!!)

In Breaking (FAKE) Polling News regarding the upcoming 34th Congressional District Special Election, Assemblyman Jimmy "from Riverside" Gomez enjoys a "Wide Margin of Support" over the rest of the twenty-something Candidates .........., via his Campaign Consultant S(kelton) G & A-commissioned (ie. paid for) Survey of Voters. 
WOW!! I find (errr  paid for) a Poll that gives ME a "Wide Margin of Support".
** Blogger's Notes: LOL!! The following is bloggin priceless, consider its politically-germane to the the California Assembly Member (via Riverside) who wants High School Students indoctrinated on whats constitutes "Fake News".  In REALITY, Establishment Democrat Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez,, who has been anointed the "Designated Candidate" to replace NOW, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in Congress, should become the "Subject Politico" regarding future legislation pertaining to regulating FAKE POLLING NEWS, that is blatantly crafted to mislead (and solicit donations from) voters. Its obvious from the Gomez Campaign Consultant S G & A-commissioned Survey (posted below), that the Riverside-native is seeking to counter the INDEPENDENT Latino Decisions Poll that had Gomez trailing by double-digits to Progressive Candidate Arturo Carmona.  Further, discerning observers will note that publicizing commissioned Surveys, is a tired S G & A Campaign Tactic which highlights the Client Candidate's strengths ......, while not disclosing any negative findings (note the absence of additional pages of Survey Data). We also find it LAUGHABLE, that the Survey found lone Republican Candidate William Morrison  with MORE SUPPORT than Bernienista Progressive Arturo Carmona, while not even gauging support for the other thirteen official candidates. That stated, the most-telling statistic is the supposed fact is Candidate Gomez's 33% Approval Margin .........., which means that two-thirds of the voters may choose someone else in April, allegedly-----Scott Johnson.

The One Page Summery of Gomez Campaign-commissioned Fake Poll News (allegedly). 
Another S G & A (Mike Shimpock above) Cut and Sliced Survey Deconstructed.

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