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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Special Bloggin Deconstruction of Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee's Statement on ICE Raids

The MIA, Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee has released a Statement on the alleged, community-disrupting, SURGE of ICE Raids ............, which is the subject of a Special Bloggin Deconstruction of its contents, that the Upward-aspiring Politico will not defend in any Candidate Forums/Debates.  

"Today I spoke to the Deputy Director of ICE’s Los Angeles Field Office and made it very clear that I want greater transparency about ongoing operations and the status of all Los Angeles residents who may have been arrested or detained.
Among those arrested, according to ICE:
• A Salvadoran national who was allegedly part of the MS-13 gang. He was arrested in Huntington Park and was wanted in his native country for aggravated extortion, ICE said.
• A Brazilian national arrested in L.A. and wanted in Brazil for alleged cocaine trafficking.
• An Australian national from West Hollywood. He was wanted on suspicion of lewd acts with a child.
Did Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee spaek out so FORCEFULLY (or after be force by Najee Ali and Earl Ofari Hutchison) in the aftermath of the African-American-targeted Firebombings in Ramona Gardens?

I told the Deputy Director that I will do everything in my power — working alongside our City Attorney, the LAPD, immigrants’ rights advocates, congressional delegation and outside lawyers — to make sure that the legal rights of all Angelenos are respected and upheld at every stage of the enforcement process.
Murder Victim Jamiel Shaw Jr. 
What was the reaction of then City Council President Eric Garcetti when African-American Constituents spoke before the City Council requesting support for Jamiel's Law? From the LA Weekly by Jill Stewart.
Woo-whee, the testimony was riveting this morning before the Los Angeles City Council when a group of black residents pleaded with the 15 elected council members to rescind Special Order 40, the longtime local rule protecting illegal immigrants from arrest by the LAPD. The black residents are seeking a decision by the council to enact the so-called Jamiel's Law, named after Jamiel Shaw, a promising and law-abiding 17-year-old high school student allegedly shot by an illegal immigrant, 18th Street Gang member Pedro Espinoza. The noxious Espinoza, who has a massively long rap sheet, was arrested by cops in Culver City, and then released by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department jailers, shortly before he allegedly murdered Jamiel. Jamiel's family members cried openly in the ornate Council Chambers, asking the council to allow cops to check on the illegal status of people like Espinoza so they can be deported rather than released. Council President Eric Garcetti couldn't change the subject fast enough -- to a plan to force even more obnoxious billboards on Angelenos.

 An alleged Hate Crime targeting White-owned Art Galleries in Boyle Heights.
“Angelenos should not have to fear raids that are disruptive to their peace of mind and bring unnecessary anxiety to our homes, schools, and workplaces. The Administration should take a just, humane, and sensible approach that does not cause pain for people who only want to live their lives and raise their families in the communities they call home (while I continue my hypocritical silence on Acts of Hate committed by legal ........., and especially illegal, Non-whites)."-- Mayor Eric Garcetti-SOFT-ee (on Federal Enforcement of Immigration Laws).

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