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Friday, January 13, 2017

Morning Briefs on a Fear-mongering Political Machine for Friday the 13th

 Its time to DENOUNCE the pandering hypocrisy of LA County Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, who continue to engage in "Trumped-up Fear-mongering", while remaining SILENT regarding recent documented Acts of Hate and repugnant attempts of Cultural/Ethnic Cleansing ....., by a certain, "Non-White Racial Group".
 LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis espousing "Trumped-up Fear mongering".
** Blogger's Notes: On this Friday the 13th before the Inauguration of a certain Republican President-Elect next week, LA County Board of Supervisors Hilda Solis, Sheila Kuehl (aka. "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbels"), in cooperation with certain organizations have issued a Directive to be on the watch for a rise in Hate Crimes (via "Jock-booted Trumpsters"?). Indeed, 2015 saw a rise in Hate Crimes in Los Angeles County with African-Americans being targeted in 58% of the cases according to the Daily News. But while Supervisor Solis and the "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbels", engage in "Trumped-Up Fear-mongering", with insinuations that the Campaign rhetoric of President-Elect Trump is the reason for the rise in Acts of Hate, the TRUE facts, as documented below, are that a certain, "Non White Racial Group" is the responsible party-----Scott Johnson.
"F_ _ _ White Art", as spray-painted on an alleged, White-owned Boyle Heights Art Gallery.
From Highland Park, through Elysian Valley, to Boyle Heights, the alleged ramifications of Gentrification has motivated passionate discussions regarding the future "identity" of communities. In Boyle Heights, the Push Back against Communal Change has devolved into overt Acts of Racial Targeting as the picture above documents, LAPD is currently investigating the explicated content as a Hate Crime.  
An alleged "Gentrification Fence (as insinuated by, NOW Congressional Candidate Maria Cabildo)" installed by a White, Boyle Heights Homeowner.
Former East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) Co-founder, NOW Congressional Candidate Maria Cabildo was expose for her "thoughts" regarding the fence pictured aboveThe gentrification fence is very horizontal, ubiquitous in Echo Park, but a new comer to #boyleheights I believe that this is the first such fence in #boyleheights. As luck would have it, I drive past it every single day as I travel down … to see my ailing Pops. This fence says, ‘i like the housing stock here but my neighbors are not people I want to interact with (did RACE play a factor?).’ Fences in Boyle Heights are porous.” 
The Firebombings of African-American Families within the Ramona Gardens Housing Development.
Many within the Los Angeles Political Establishment have remain/were SILENT when African-American Families were targets of multiple Firebombing Attacks within the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects. Its been a open secret for decades that Latino Street Gangs and their African-American counterparts, have sought to keep Public Housing segregated in respective areas of control. In 2015, African-Americans where the targets of 58% of all Hate Crimes reported in LA County, mostly via Latino Street Gangs.
Video from a Protest of Boyle Heights Art Gallerys,that espoused Cultural and Ethnic Cleansing.
We ponder if Supervisor Solis and "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbel's" "Trumped-up Fear-monging" of pending "Jock-booted Trumpster Hate Crimes", would mirrored what has TAKEN PLACE in Boyle Heights where street protests sought to intimidate Art Gallery Owners (and Whites), with chants of "GET THE FUCK OUT OF BOYLE HEIGHTS". We dare say if a "White Mob" was marching in a Latino Neighborhood, chanting and racial profiling in seeking to expunge a certain ethnic group, the US Justice Department, FBI, District Attorneys Office ......., along with Supervisors Solis and Kuehl, would be DEMANDING Hate Crime Prosecutions.  
KCBS/KCAL Report on Hate Crime Investigation involving the Boyle Heights Arts District.
Lastly, we invite Supervisors Solis and Kuehl to find the HATE in the video above as those who oppose Gentrification in Boyle Heights, are open in expressing their thoughts about integration of other ethnic groups ........, and maybe cease in exploiting the fears of those seeking a better life, for self-serving Political Motivations----Scott Johnson in Boyle Heights.

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