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Friday, January 06, 2017

A Friday Brief on the Cali Democrats Internal Skirmishing for Party Control

The "Cubafornia on the Pacific Democratic Party Membership", take pause from their rabid, President-Elect Donald Trump bashing, to renew infra-party skirmishing, as supposed Progressives and the Corporate Welfare Establishment do battle this weekend for rigged-control of the Party Leadership ........ with major implications for the 2018 Elections.
 The 51st Assembly District Corporate/Developer Welfare Democrat Establishment Slate.
The supposed, countering 51st AD Progressive, True Believers Slate. 
** Blogger's Notes: As many proclaim TGIF!! ......... and look forward to a weekend of NFL Playoff Football, the "Cubafornia on the Pacific Ruling Party Establishment/Proletariat Activists" will gather in 80 Assembly District Conclaves Saturday and Sunday, to determine the future leadership of the aspiring Nation-State Enclave , with a possible "Berning" outcome. 
While Cubafornianista Leadership has been ceaseless in pronouncing their collectivist defiance of President-Elect Donald Trump, the reality is that Grass Roots Proletariat/Progressives, are still embittered at the RIGGED Presidential Primary Process, that benefited the Wife of Bill Clinton Campaign. 

Locally, the continuing Establishment vs. Progressive skirmishing will recommence at the Barrio Action Youth and Family Center Sunday, as both factions front a full slate of Delegate Candidates. In reviewing the respective slates pictured above, its telling that the "Corporate/Developer Welfare Establishment" is fronting the likes of former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes Staffer Jose Gardea, along with current CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's ex staffers (and current LA-32 NC Board Member) Marcia Guzman ........., and Daniel Andalon, who placed LAST in the most recent AD County Committee Elections (where a Progressive Slate trounced their Establishment competitors).  
Meanwhile, the Progressive Slate includes the likes of former CD-14 City Council Candidate Alvin Parra and recently-appointed Board of Neighborhood Commissioner (BONC) Maggie Darett-Quiroz.
We would be remiss in also not noting a certain "Ex LA-32 NC President Jen Markewych" who is seeking Public Office, again ........, and grants us this sampling of the Presidential Elections-discombobulated  mindset of a "Wife of Bill Clinton Voter".

We, the citizens of the great State of California, are currently standing in the midst of an unprecedented vortex of change in our culture. Recent elections, both nationally and globally, have shown us that a rise in populism has placed us on the precipice of change that could have long-lasting and damaging effects to every citizen, not only of this state or nation, but to humanity as a whole and the health and welfare of our planet.   

......, and the Snowflake Nation continues its Meltdown----Scott Johnson in CD-14. 



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