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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bloggin VIllar (now Govea) Gobble, Gobble for All!!

On this Day of Thanks, we will always be bloggin blessed for the endless cyber servings, compliments of a certain "City Terrace Native", now seeking to politically-rebrand himself as future "California Governor Anonio Villargovea (in 2018)".
A Sincere Happy Thanksgiving to our Cyber Audience.
** Blogger's Note: Pardon the .........., bloggin burp, as we wish EVERYONE a blessed "Day of Giving Thanks", mixed with copious amounts of tasty tidings ..........., and of course a cyber serving of "City Terrace Native Tony", now the happily-rebranded "Antonio Villargovea (for your 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign consideration)". As usual, the former "Failure Mayor (and husband) Antonio Villaraigosa" was among the "Famous, Connected ........ and Rebranding Politicos" in serving the truly-needy at the annual LA Mission Thanksgiving Gathering within Downtown LA's Skid Row. Unlike last Easter, the newly-wedded "Villargovea" was minus wife Patricia in serving the needy ..........., and of course, indulging in his narcissus-rooted need for self-promotion (especially with a political-rebranding exercise in progress)----Scott Johnson.    
The now "Antonio Villargovea (with new wedding band)" wants YOUR vote ......., come 2018.  
From "City Terrace Tony" to now "Antonio Villargovea" the narcissus cravings remain the same. 
High Maintenance Narcissus Attraction (for self-serving public consumption). 

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