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Sunday, November 06, 2016

A Vile Reminder on the Racist Mindset of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine

As a bloggin Public Service to voters in the 39th Assembly District we present the following "vile, repugnant refresher" regarding a crony (Rosemary Jenkins) of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's (and recently elected County Committee Member) Opinion on an Immigrant, turned Assemblywoman Patty Lopez's "Fitness" to hold Public Office.
The Racist Chairperson of the 39th Assembly District Democratic Party Central Committee Rosemary Jenkins.

** Blogger's Note: As a Bloggin Disclaimer to 39th Assembly District Voters, the following racially-tinged comments posted below, directed at Assemblywoman Patty Lopez just after her upset victory over former Assemblyman (and now 2016 Challenger) Raul Bocanegra, were not made by some alleged, Anglo, Alt-Right, Donald Trump-supporting Klan Member. In reality, the utterly, contemptible verbiage was a produce of 39th AD-residing Democratic Activist/Crony Rosemary Jenkins, who had the audacity to post her missive titled, "When Recall Becomes Necessary" on the CityWatchLA Website. Jenkin's Hit Piece on the behalf of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, was largely condemned by many activists within the 39th AD. But more paramount, her premise that Assemblyman Lopez's alleged lack of education and grasp of the English Language were the basis for disqualifying from holding Public Office ........... have been REPUDIATED by her ethical attention given to Stakeholder's concerns. Indeed Assemblywoman Lopez has shown great growth as a community-first Public Official ........... and the 39th AD Voters would find it wise to further continue that community-benefiting Leadership by re-electing Assemblywoman Patty Lopez----Scott Johnson 
Although she has lived in this country for more than 42 years (and has unsuccessfully taken ESL classes for 20 of those years), she is functionally illiterate in both English and Spanish. She dropped out of high school and eventually earned her GED but cannot read or write, particularly in English, at even an elementary school level. One of the least egregious examples of her inadequate education can be found on her Ballot Designation Worksheet (used for State filing purposes) on which she wrote “The reason I am choice this title [Educational Community Representative] is because I have been work, voluntter and this.” As a Progressive, I firmly believe in diversity with all its ramifications, but to be an effective legislator at any level requires fluency in the English language and the ability to communicate well.There have been other situations that have demonstrated her lack of education. Her tribute on the floor of the State Assembly for the world-renowned gospel singer and activist, Andraé Crouch (who lived in her district) was embarrassing for her inability to read the honorific to the audience. Similarly, at a recent Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Breakfast, she awkwardly fumbled over the few words she had planned to say in honor of this Civil Rights leader.Due to these limitations, Ms. Lopez has had to have an interpreter to translate into Spanish what crosses her desk and during her interactions with colleagues (including what is covered within the Democratic Caucus). One can only assume that it is because of these linguistic barriers that she skipped many (if not all) of the training and orientation sessions for all newly elected in the State Assembly; thus, she is completely unfamiliar with procedure.

The Political Party of Jim Crow still seeks to keep minorities in their Place ........... not including Political Office.

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