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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Mayor Garcetti and LAPD Charlie Beck to take Questions Thursday Morning on KNX 1070 AM

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck  will join LA Mayor Eric Garcetti for his weekly "Ask the Mayor Radio Hour" on KNX 1070 AM, tomorrow (Thursday) from 10-11 AM as the LA County Sheriff Department (and the greater Law Enforcement Community) stands watch over a Gravely Wounded Sargent, shot in the Line of Duty today in Lancaster.
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.
** Blogger's Note: Our thoughts and prayers this afternoon go out to the family of an unidentified LA County Sheriff Deputy who was gravely wounded in the Line of Duty today in Lancaster. Today's shooting is a stark, tragic reminder of the dangers that Law Enforcement Officers across the Country face on a daily basis and should reaffirm why the likes of the "Thin Blue Line" deserve objective-based support. While the democratic-leaning media devout column inches in furthering the propaganda/urban myths/talking points espoused by the likes of Black Lives Matter, the Los Angeles Police Protective League posted the following on its Facebook Page.

When did it become OK for young men to arm themselves and point their guns at police officers? Where's the outrage? Where's the outrage over the fact that there's been over 800 shooting victims in LA just this year? Click below for KTLA 5 report #misplacedoutrage 

We would hope that someone would ask Mayor Garcetti and Chief Beck to further break down the number of shooting victims, into categories of "Black on Black", "Brown on Brown", "Brown on Black" and "Black on Brown".
But just as important is asking whether the current Top Cop (and Mayor), retains the respect of his underlings as the strain of a Rising Crime Rate (thanks to AB-109 and Prop 47) take an increasing toll on an over-extended .......,and under-staffed force-----Scott Johnson.

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