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Friday, October 14, 2016

A LA TIMES HYPOCRISY ALERT regarding A Documented, Alleged Sexual Assaulter (and Hillary Supporter) "Jose Luis Huizar"

As the "Old Gray Propagandist on Spring Street (aka LA Times)" continues its ceaseless, subjective attacks on Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's "alleged Women Issues" we remind the former "Fishwrap of Record" of a certain DOCUMENTED, alleged sexual assaulter (and Hillary Clinton supporter) ..........., known as CD 14 City Councilman Jose Luis Huizar.
 The Byproduct of Imploding Agenda Journalism at the LA Times.
** Blogger's Note: The following is a factually-based LA TIMES HYPOCRISY ALERT. As the once "Fishwrap of Record" continues its downwards, journalistic devolution into a censoring Propaganda Organ for the Democrat Party Establishment, we want to remind those with an objective mindset, of a DOCUMENTED, alleged Sexual Assaulter ............., known as CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. 
With the Spring Street-located Propaganda Newsprint/Kitty Box Liner Producer devoting its remaining Column Inches of Propaganda to the feigned "Main Stream Media's (MSM)" disgust over the repulsive Locker Room Banter of Candidate Trump, the late Publisher Otis Chandler-envisioned Liberal News Organ's dwindling Scribes/Editors, now subjectively retrained as Agenda Journalists, are in need of a reality refresher on a Hillary Clinton-supporting Politico it once outed ............., only to be forgotten, (conveniently)? 
UNLIKE DONALD TRUMP, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar was the subject of a Pasadena Police Report in 2005 (during his successful Campaign to replace Antonio "then Villaraigosa") alleging Sexual Assault ........., as DOCUMENTED BELOW.
UNLIKE DONALD TRUMP, when first questioned by the Pasadena PD, the then Los Angeles Unified School Board Candidate School Board President, stated not once, but twice, that he resided at 1819 N. Alona, within the City of Santa Ana, California ........., as DOCUMENTED BELOW. 
UNLIKE DONALD TRUMP, there was a WITNESS to the alleged Sexual Assault by Jose Luis Huizar ..........., as DOCUMENTED BELOW.
UNLIKE DONALD TRUMP, the alleged victim of the Sexual Assault filed a complaint with the State of California, which stated the her employer (Burke Williams Spa) was retaliating against her for reporting the actions of the then, newly-elected CD-14 Officeholder ............, as DOCUMENTED by the LA Times.
With the DOCUMENTED FACTS noted above, we must SERIOUSLY ponder whether anyone of an objective, discerning mindset, can seriously trust a supposed, objective Journalistic Organ of Record, that engages in blatant Journalistic Malpractice in regards to censoring the Hillary Clinton Campaign's own "Women Issues" .........., as exampled by  DOCUMENTED, alleged Sexual Assaulter, now CD-14 City Councilman Jose Luis Huizar------Scott Johnson.
From Jose Luis Huizar's Twitter: "Richelle & I are proud 2 support 4 . She will fight so that we can pursue the American Dream".

Statement from the Pasadena Police regarding alleged, Sexual Assault committed by now CD-14 City Councilman (and Hillary supporter) Jose Huizar.

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