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Monday, September 12, 2016

Mayor Sam's First EXCLUSIVE Female Politico HOT Briefs for Monday

With an alleged, certain OVERHEATED, coughing Female Democratic Presidential Candidate (on a breezy 75 degree day in New York City), as our inspiration, we PROUDLY proclaim our bloggin Gender Equality/Neutrality, in presenting thee first EXCLUSIVE, Female Politico Hot Briefs (noting the questionable political follies of our Sisters of Interest) for Monday. \
** Blogger's Disclaimer: The following is simply a bloggin exercise in granting equal access to ALL sub-groups of crony Politicos within the Los Angeles Political Machine .........., to our sardonic, discerning brand of political commentary. Unlike some within the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine (especially Rosemary Jenkins), we endorse the right of ALL woman (including Immigrants such as Assemblywoman Patty Lopez) to seek (or retain) Political Office ........, and reserve the ability to deconstruct the political motives of those, who become mere tools of an increasingly, crony-exclusive Political Machine, as noted below----Scott Johnson.   
CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez celebrate (Democratic) Women Equality Day with fellow Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Sisters Monica Rodriguez and Wendy Greuel.
** Any objective, discerning political observer (and inspiring Political Candidate) in the Northeast San Fernando Valley (NSFV), should be able to ascertain the growing backlash against a Political Machine, that is currently under Federal Investigation, which may have prompted CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes to move up his "Council Resignation to Lobbyist Riches Date". That stated, we must STRONGLY question why former Board of Public Works Vice-President, turn CD 7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez, would embrace the endorsement of the likes of  NSFV Machine Member CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez? From Rodriguez Campaign Website. 

“Councilwoman Nury Martinez has been an outstanding leader and I look forward to collaborating on the Council to advocate for our Northeast Valley districts.  As the only elected woman out of eighteen elected officials at City Hall, Councilwoman Martinez has been a champion not only for her district, but for families and children throughout the City,” said Monica Rodriguez.  “Our campaign is stronger thanks to Councilwoman Martinez’s support, and I look forward to joining her on the Council, advocating for the Northeast Valley’s fair share and putting our residents and families first.”

Maybe Nury can teach Monica the Campaign Money Laundry Practice of having Staffers hand out $20, $10 and $5 Dollar Bills to Family Members ........, for Public-financed Matching Funds Contributions?

Former State Senator Ron Calderon with FORMER Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis Chief of Staff Maria Cabildo.
** Mayor Sam has learned that Boyle Heights-based East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) Frontperson Maria Cabildo, who has been mentioned as a VERY possible candidate to replace CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, has been replace as LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis Chief of Staff. According to multiple sources Cabildo has issues in managing staff within Supervisor Solis'es multiple district offices. Recent issues regarding public access to meetings regarding the USC Biotech Corridor Proposal and the Flat Top Open Space Preserve, has shown an dysfunctional staff structure within Supervisor Solis Office..........., and now it seems that Cabildo was NOT the right person to manage it. 
Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca with former Jailhouse Overseer Terri McDonald.
** We will be blunt and concise in stating that former California Department of Corrections Official and LA County Jail Overseer Terri McDonald is the WRONG choice to manage the LA County Probation Department. Despite the glowing positives keyboard by Witness LA PROGRESSIVE Blogger Celeste Fremon, discerning commentators were spot on in noting "Big Red's" troubling, past professional transgressions as excerpted below.  

I agree with many of the prior comments regarding Terri McDonald. Within CDCR she had a history of [WLA edit] and participating and condoning excessive force when she was a Sergeant and Lieutenant. It wasn’t until she became a part of executive management that she put on a new face and persona. Terri is an unethical and nasty human being that has discovered the art of manipulating the Board of Supervisors to a “T”. Unfortunately, it sounds like they have fallen for her act given that she appears to be one of the frontrunners for this job. God help Probation if she is selected as the next chief of probation.

........, and retired Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre has much more to say about McDonald's corrupt tenure within the Department of Corrections.

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