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Friday, September 16, 2016

Introducing Self-appointed CD-7 Overseer Herman "Mini-Amin" Wesson

In a departure from established protocols, Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee General Secretary/President Herman "Mini-Amin" Wesson  has named himself as the Overseer of Council District Seven (CD-7) to quell a restive electorate ........., and preserve the Establishment's hold on its Council Seat in 2017?
An appetite for controlling a demanding CD-7 Constituency?
** Blogger's Note: A discerning ..............., and rightfully, accountability-seeking CD-7 Electorate, has been rewarded, twice. 
First, with the resignation of  now Lobbyist "FU Felipe" Fuentes, the CD-7 Electorate has been cleanse of an repugnant, inattentive Officeholder, who's alleged, undisclosed linkage to a Federal Investigation involving his fellow Brothers Tony, Raul and Sister Nury, within the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine ........., brought to surface his inner, "Pollo Felipe" mannerism with his unexpected City Hall departure. 
But by far, the BIGGER reward for the upstart civic reformers within CD-7, is the now focus of Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee General Secretary/President Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, as he appointed himself the "Overseer" of CD-7, pending the outcome of the 2017 Election.

It should come as no surprise to objective, discerning political observers within CD-7 ........., and at 200 North Spring Street, that the burgeoning, Officeholder-accountability Movement, exampled by the CD-7 Open Letter Campaign, has caught the attention of the eighteen elective Officeholders downstream.
In response (and maybe to insure the Establishment's hold on the CD-7 Seat), Clowncil Central Committee Strongman "Mini Amin", has tossed-aside past protocols of selecting a bureaucratic administrator to oversee an Officeholder-vacant Council District, by appointing himself to the position.
Surely, Clowncil Strongman Wesson, along with his fellow Central Committee Comrades, are concern that the growing CD-7 organization, with its foundation rooted in accountability-seeking tenants, is a Grass Roots threat to the Special Interests desires of the Downtown Political Machine ........, and its growth into other regions of Ciudad de Los Angeles, is to be blunted.
Thus, "Mini Amin" Wesson will attempt to charm those in CD-7 with promises, and occasional show of "services-rendered" in the weeks ahead, while seeking to sell the Electorate on his hand-picked Politico to replace the departed "FU Felipe".
Yet, it would not be surprising to see (and be proud to behold) the insurgent, accountability movement in CD-7, calling the political bluffs (with promises for some) of Clowncil Strongman "Mini Amin" ........., and continue the cause of reforming a City Governess that currently benefits the exclusive, chosen few.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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