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Monday, September 19, 2016

Bloggin Memo to Mayor Garcetti: "When will USC join the Rams in Paying for LAPD Security"?

With Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke agreeing to, "Pay in Full", for city services associated with the temporary hosting of the Inglewood-based NFL Franchise at the University of Southern California (USC)-managed Memorial Coliseum, we ask Mayor Garcetti when USC will agree to do the same in regards to public costs for its Football Games ............, and whether if the PRIVATE University's hiring of former City of LA Public Officials (along with associates and family members) is the reason for its largess of Crony/Corporate Welfare. 
USC President Max Nikias, with Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey.
LAPD Motor Cop patrolling Coliseum Parking Lot during USC Football Game.
** Blogger's Note: We want to give bloggin kudos to former CD 3 City Councilman Dennis Zine, Citizen Plaintiff James Bibeau, the Police Protective League for their joint endeavor in forcing the City of Los Angeles to successfully, seek full restitution, from a willing/cooperative Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, for the cost of city services, associated with the temporary hosting of LA Rams Football ......, at the University of Southern California (USC)-managed Coliseum.
You are forgiven if your respective political memories are lacking in remembering that Los Angeles largest PRIVATE University, is now the managing-landlord of the historic stadium .........., thanks to a litigious, Brown Act-violating Deal with the Coliseum Commission (that included the Commission Member wife of City Council President Herb Wesson), which granted USC Millions of Dollars in Stadium Revenue, in return for the University assuming the upkeep and management responsibilities. 
That stated, we were somewhat conflicted when former Councilman Zine and co-plaintiff initiated their worthy lawsuit targeting the Rams .........., and not the Coliseum Landlord, who in an ideal world, should be the party responsible for incorporating the cost of event security (via consultation with Public Officials) into its respective rental agreements. 
Thus, in lieu of the agreement brokered between the City of Los Angeles and the Rams, we must ask whether the original intent of the now "Citizen Zine Lawsuit", is still outstanding considering that City Hall has yet to force the Billion Dollars-plus Endowed, PRIVATE University to reimburse the General Fund for its continuing FREE GIFT of Taxpayers Largess.
Its of interest to note that the deal between the Rams and City Hall, was delayed because of "concerns", via USC Administrators, that they may be held to the same standard as reported in the LA Times.
Garcetti said Tuesday that the original arrangement for security at Rams games — with the team paying for security officers inside the stadium while the city paid for officers outside — mirrored that for the USC Trojans. He said one reason the new deal with the Rams had taken weeks to work out was that the college was worried that it too might be required to pay for a police presence at football games. â€œWe can work on that long-term,” Garcetti said. 

With no apologies with the Second Term-seeking Mayor, we have to question why an agreement that USC pay its full cost of needed, finite Police and other department's resources, for their under-achieving Football Program, is a long term priority ........, and whether USC's proclivities in hiring former City of LA Public Officials, or family members of current Officeholders is the "real reason" for continuing the arraignment ..........., considering:
First, as reported here at Mayor Sam, the younger brother of City Council President Herman Wesson, was hired by the University to serve as the mega-USC Village Project Ombudsman, despite accusations that he was "under-qualified" for the six-figures salary position.  
Second, former LAPD Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger (and allegedly, his "favorite Secretary") was recently hired by the University to lead its Civic Engagement's "Good Neighbor Program".  
When the hiring of Steve Wesson and Earl Paysinger, are added to numerous other Public Officials who have ended up enjoying a paid, after-life as an USC Employee (including an Ahhh Ex Failure Mayor), then its no surprise why the PRIVATE institution is the recipient of  Corporate Welfare ........., via the City Of Los Angeles General Fund.  
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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