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Monday, August 22, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive:The LA-32 NC/Empower LA Staff Attempted to Cover-Up Open Meeting Rules Violation

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have obtained an Email that shows Empower LA Staff Member Thomas Soong, allowing the recent August Meeting of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council to go forward ..........., despite a violation of the department's Agenda Posting Policies ......., without sharing the information to all LA-32 Stateholders. 
 LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Jennifer Markewych ....., and volunteer Training Facilitator for Mayor Eric Garcetti's Crisis Management Team via its Facebook Page.
DONE/Empower LA Employee Thomas Soong via Department's Webpage.
** Blogger's Note: The Mayor Sam Blog has exclusively obtain an Email that shows Empower LA Staff Member Thomas Soong allowing the August Meeting of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council to move forward, DESPITE a violation of department's Agenda Posting Policies. In his response to the LA-32 NC's Executive Committee, Soong places the BLAME for the violation on the NC's Website Operator Arron DeVandry, who he also cited as being responsible for not posting on time, the June 28th Meeting of the NC's Public Safety Committee, then Chaired by Board Member Anthony Mansano. We should note FOR THE RECORD, that Board Member Manzano was removed as the Public Safety Committee Chairperson by NC President Jen Markewych, in a subjective, punitive response to the Agenda Posting Violation, during the July Meeting of the General Board. The fact that this email EXONERATES Board Member Manzano for any fault regarding the Agenda Posting Violation, has not been addressed by President Markewych, who has been targeted for criticism regarding her subjective condemnation of Board Member Manzano's "alleged behavior" ............, while in reality, its the conduct of President Markewych and Empower LA Staff that merits further investigation, for multiple acts of subjective misconduct----Scott Johnson.  
Dear LA32 Executive Committee,It was brought to our attention that the August board meeting agenda was not posted on your website with the Brown Act 72 hours requirement. Just to be clear, not posting on the website is not a violation of the Brown Act but is a violation of the Neighborhood Council Agenda Posting Policy. The agenda was posted properly at the physical posting location and therefore, Brown Act compliant. Per the Agenda Posting Policy, Neighborhood Councils are also asked to send the agendas to us at NC Support to be put on the Early Notification System. This was done within the Brown Act time frame. The issue at hand is that the agenda did not get posted on the website in time. This same situation also happened with your June 28th Public Safety meeting in which the chair did send the agenda to the webmaster and it was not posted on time. Because there is proof that the webmaster did receive the request to post before 72 hours, you can go forward with the meeting tomorrow night. But we do ask that you make every effort for all future board, special, and committee meetings to be posted per the Brown Act requirements or else future meetings not posted on your website in the needed time frame will be deemed a violation of the Neighborhood Council Agenda Posting Policy. In order for this not to happen again, the board may want to re-visit who gets to post agendas on the website. Also, your webmaster Aaron DeVandry is no longer a City Vendor and should not be used for website services. Our Department can work with you to identify another City approved website vendor. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to share with the board.Thanks! Thomas Soong Project Coordinator - Leadership Development Strategist

Again, objective interpretation of Empower LA Policies is an afterthought when enabling
"The Political Chosen Ones" of the current incarnation of the LA-32 NC.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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