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Friday, August 05, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: LA-32 Neighborhood Council Member Will Likely Face Assault/Battery Charges after Accosting Retired Female Law Enforcement Officer During Board Meeting

In yet another embarrassing blow to the embattled LA-32 Neighborhood Council (and Empower LA), Board Member Keith Survillas will likely face Formal Battery/Assault Charges for his, Physical and Verbal Actions, targeting Retired, Female Law Enforcement Officer Caroline Aguirre ........, which included verbally-berating her as  "An Embarrassment to Law Enforcement".
Photo via Empower LA Website: LA-32 NC Board Member Keith Survillas.
 ** Blogger's Note: Saturday Morning Update: Keith Survillas has sent us two emails which we will post in an Update to our Mayor Sam Exclusive shortly----S.J. The Mayor Sam Blog is exclusively reporting that LA-32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Keith Survillas, will likely have a Formal Assault/Battery Complaint filed against him, in response to his physical and verbal actions, targeting Retired, Female Law Enforcement Officer Caroline Aguirre, during last Wednesday's General Board Meeting at the El Sereno Senior Center.
Survillas, who is a Human Resources Director for the Ivy Bridge Group, along with being a recent, non-qualifying, Republican Candidate for the 51st Assembly District County Committee, was observed by multiple witnesses, leaving his seat during a verbal exchange between the twenty-plus years, retire veteran of the California State Parole Department and LA-32 NC President (and noted Hillary Clinton supporter) Jennifer Markewych ..........., proceed over to Officer Aguirre's location in the audience, where he made physical contact, then verbally- berated the Widow of a LAPD Homicide Detective, by calling her "AN EMBARRASSMENT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT". 

President Markewych, who is a Volunteer Trainer for Mayor Eric Garcetti's Crisis Response Team (as pictured below), made no effort to inquire why Survillas was leaving his seat ............, or ask her fellow Illinois-transplant, about the nature of his actions directed at Officer Aguirre.
Mayor Garcetti's Crisis Response Team Volunteer Trainer and LA-32 President Jen Markewych. Photo via Mayor Garcetti's CRT Facebook Page. 
Former Parole Agent Aguirre is a well-known Ethical, Objective Law Enforcement Advocate,in not only Northeast LA, but state-wide. In addition, she has been attributed by numerous media outlets, for her fact-based commentary regarding AB-109, Prop 47, Corrupting in the State Parole/Penal System ........, and the current dysfunctional administration of embattled Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.
Yet many do not know the Caroline Aguirre, a Mother of a US Supreme Court-attributed College Professor, who has donated countless of hours (and money) to various causes, including most recently, an effort to place Blue Ribbons, honoring Law Enforcement, on every tree lining the Colorado, Blvd., Eagle Rock Blvd. and other major streets in Northeast LA.
We will keyboard an update on this Breaking Story in the near future.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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