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Sunday, August 07, 2016

ITS OFFICIAL!! Former LA Failure Mayor ......, Now Most Likely 2018 California Governor Candidate Antonio "Villargovea"

On this August 7, 2016 afternoon, the Mayor Sam Blog can report that a certain "Ex. Two-Term, LA Failure Mayor" has officially become the VERY possible 2018 California Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio "VILLARGOVEA", as he joins in a Parke Skelton-choreographed (allegedly) Matrimony with now, wife Patricia Govea.
The now Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Villargovea from their Mexico Wedding Saturday.
** Blogger's Note: ITS OFFICIAL!! The alleged Parke Skelton-crafted political reincarnation of a former City Terrace Homie named "Tony", recently known as former LA Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa .........., is now the VERY possible 2018 California Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio "Villargovea", as he and Fiance Patricia Govea, become Husband (with straying proclivities) and Wife (to market to the traditional Latino y Latina voter base) in a Mexico Ceremony yesterday.
We want to extend our tongue-in-cheek congratulations to longtime Tony/Antonio/now Villargovea Political Consultant Parke Skelton, as his latest attempt to "freshen" the tarnished "Failure Mayor" image of the City Terrance native, takes a big political-branding step forward.
But being the bloggin cynics were noted for, we cannot help ourselves in pondering whether the new "VILLARGOVEA" union will bring about true change within the inner-character (LOL!!) of a notorious narcissus, who's uncontrollable, self-cravings (especially for Telebimbos), makes him a political long shot in any attempt to win a higher office----Scott Johnson. 

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