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Friday, June 24, 2016

Why No El Sereno Fourth of July Parade in 2016? The Discretionary (Funds) Details.

As the CD-14 El Sereno Community Social Media Dialog heats up over the surprise Cancellation of the annual El Sereno Bicentennial Committee "Fourth of July Parade", we disclose the "Discretionary (Funds) Facts that show the Office of  CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's apparent prudent oversight in allocating funding for various El Sereno community events
No Parade beyond the Barricades in 2016.
"Nellie" is none too happy about Parade Cancellation.
** Blogger's Note: In recent days, the Social Media chatter in the CD-14 El Sereno Community has been ceaseless regarding the SURPRISE cancellation of the 2016 Installment of the Bicentennial Committee's "Fourth of July Parade". Back in recent bloggin time, we have documented issues regarding nefarious fiscal problems (including the supposed SHREDDING of tax documents) ............, and other questionable actions, associated with a certain Bicentennial Committee Board Member. That said, its become apparent in the last couple of weeks that the Office of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, is the latest to have questions regarding its financing of the Bicentennial Committee Parade Budget. Sources state that the Office of Councilman Huizar would only pledge to fund certain Parade Budget Line Items .........., which is in line with prudent fiscal allocations. Further, in the documents below obtained from the City Clerk, they show that Councilman Huizar WITHDREW a $10,000 allocation to the Bicentennial Committee ............, and $15,000 to the El Sereno Stallions at the end of the last Fiscal Year (2015), due to "time constrains" (red marking denote El Sereno groups that received Discretionary Funding). We should note for the record, that the Bicentennial Committee Letter below, listing the Board of Directors, included Genny Guerrero, Husband John and Mom/President Violeta, Also, Frank Guerrero and his Wife Roxy Melgar, was the Treasurer of the Stallions----Scott Johnson. 

CD-14 General City Purposes Fund Report
CD-14 General City Purposes Fund Report.
CD 14 General City Purposes Fund Report.

Bicentennial Committee Letter listing its Board of Directors.

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