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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Councilman Huizar/University of Scandalous Conduct's (USC) "Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished" ........., Naught!! The Photographic Reaity

As photographs posted below bluntly detail, the CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar/"University of Scandalous Conduct's (USC)" supposed Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished Theatrics", was a Political Campaign Facade that has fail to address SERIOUS Public Health and ADA infrastructure concerns at the Historic Eastside Green (currently Brown) Space. 
The infamous President George W. Bush Iraq War "Mission Accomplished Media Event".
No amount of choreographed Photo Ops Theatrics (especially during a Re-election Campaign) cannot mask the reality (as noted below) that Hazard Park ......... is still a Historic Green Space in Peril. 
** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to "University of Scandalous Conduct (USC)" President Max Nikias (along with underlings Martha Escutia, David Galaviz and Zul Surani), plus a certain Princeton Graduate, CD-14 City Councilman, the Bloggin Photographic Essay below, bluntly shows that their combined, choreographed "Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished Moment (timed initially during the 2015 CD 14 City Council Campaign)", in reality have fail to address SERIOUS Public Health and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) infrastructure concerns, meriting IMMEDIATE attention. The argument can be made that the Historic Cultural and Environmental Green Space, is in worst condition after USC-financed work to install exercise equipment ........, rather that upgrading the outdoor restroom, irrigation system and ADA access. Further, activists decades-long efforts to rehabilitate the Hazard Park Wetlands and have formal Historic Designation bestow on the Park, honoring the 1968 Gathering by the late Educator Sal Castro and thousands of Eastside Students, seeking Educational Equality, face a LONG, uncertain resolution. But the photographic documentation below (and above), showcases again the affects of Political Exploitation that leaves the gifted property of Henry T. Hazard, in a continuing State of Blight----Scott Johnson. 
The current shade-lacking and absence of grass has dramatically curtailed park visitation.  
An uninviting parkscape due to failing irrigation infrastructure.

Looking north towards Historic Handball Courts.
Where once was shade-providing Sycamore Trees and Bench for those awaiting MTA Bus # 252, ......., is now a painful endurance in standing, especially for the Elderly (as seen in photo).
The regular users of the Historic Hazard Park Handball Courts have built their own benches ........., while the new USC-financed extension of Norfolk Street on supposed donated land, has curtailed the usage of the park amenities, due to lack of safety netting that would prevent balls from going into the new street
The only outside Public Restrooms are close, forcing park visitors to use the indoor, gymnasium facilities (when open) ..........., or defecate on park land, creating a growing, SERIOUS health hazard. 
Welded-shut entrance to Men's side of Public Restroom.
If a physically-challenged park visitor needed to access a ADA-compliant restroom, this is path that awaits them as they make their way to the park gymnasium (if open to the public).
New culvert that will direct runoff from new USC Parking Lot (under construction) into the sensitive Hazard Park Wetlands Habitat (wonder if an EIR and CEQA protocols were followed).
What affects will untreated (oil and gasoline) runoff from USC's Parking Lot have on the sensitive Hazard Park Wetlands and environmental health of park users? 
USC President Max Nikias/
........, but then some would say we are being too negative regarding the generosity of a supposed Good Neighbor in bettering the Greater Hazard Park Community (for their own benefit, allegedly)

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