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Monday, January 25, 2016

HOT Brief on a NFL City Make Believe Mayor for Monday

Bemused City of Inglewood Officials can only shake their heads as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti continues his Political Narcissus-tinged Role Playing of a National Football League City Officeholder. 
"Mayor Gar-Soft-ee" with reality regarding his NFL standing. 
** Blogger's Note  These have been bloggin great times for a certain cyber commentator, as the NFL righted a 21 year wrong by allowing the Rams to return home.
Despite the efforts of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and his former Democratic colleagues in Sacramento, to increase the Raiders Fan Base via AB 109 Prison Realignment (ie. Dumping of supposed Non Violent, Non Revocable Raider Fan Parolees back onto the streets) and the dumbing down of their criminal excesses via Prop 47, the 32 NFL owners are owed a collective thanks from crime-weary Angelinos, as they wisely chose to returned the Rams ......, and Rams only (for now), to the L.A. Market, via the City of Inglewood.

The Greater LA Ramily (including this blogger) have been effusive in thanking Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, the NFL and the City of Inglewood for doing what the AEG LA LIVE CITY-STATE and the City of Los Angeles Political Machine, could not accomplish via the Tim LIEweke-orchestrated Farmers Field Pipe Dream.
Yet, with respects to bemused City of Inglewood Officials, there is a certain Third Floor Officeholder at 200 Spring Street, who Rhodes Scholar studies, obviously did not cover the finer points of local geographical boundaries, as he Role Plays, being the newest NFL City Mayoral Officeholder (at expense to City of Inglewood African-American Mayor James Butts).
Surely, with the positive boost that the return of the NFL brings to the greater civic spirit (and the local economy), there is bound to be many opportunities for the Politico Class, to pontificate and espouse accolades ........, but discerning observers are musing whether Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's is slighting the African-American-governed Municipality, as witnessed via his comments last week regarding the San Diego Chargers.
The Second Term-seeking Mayor garnered ample media coverage as he stated his desire that the San Diego Chargers, not exercise their right under the agreement that brought the Rams back, to share space in the new I-N-G-L-E-W-O-O-D Stadium come 2019
Pardon us, as we indulge in a bloggin moment of reality ........, and remind the L-O-S  A-N-G-E-L-E-S Mayor (and Fortune Magazine) that the LA Rams will be generating millions of dollars in Sale Tax Revenue for a municipality outside the jurisdiction of the City of LA (as the map below denotes), once USC loots what should be public revenue, as the Secret Backroom-granted Coliseum Overseer, for the next couple of seasons. 
That said, no one would blame Inglewood City Officials for being incredulous,  at bast, as "Mayor Gar-Soft-ee",  plays such with the reality of his oversight on whether a second NFL team should share in the home and ownership of the NFL's new Greater Los Angeles Market Stadium.
Yet, there are some who see something more nefarious in the Political Narcissus-tinged behavior being exhibited by Mayor Garcetti, that some feel, attempts to mask a strain relationship with the African-American Community ........, but only serves to cause more consternation among an ethnic group that views the Mayor's political motives with suspicion. 
As exhibited with the Mayor's past profane antics, there is no softness in his passion (even when choreographed for public consumption) for the Los Angeles Sports Community, but we would advise him to ground his support of the NFL's return to the Greater LA Market, in the reality that another municipality, and its elected leaders deserve respect, befitting the TRUE new home of the Los Angeles Rams ........, in Inglewood.     

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14
Can you find the Inglewood Neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles?

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