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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Auditing the Politically-connected Misadventures (including time servicing the Calderons) of an Under-qualified Gil Cedillo Jr.

As a stinging Audit of the Central Basin Water District discloses the "Violation of Hiring Protocols" regarding the selection and compensation of former "Business Development Manager" Gil Cedillo Jr., speculation grows regarding the links between Papi and Mijo Cedillo, to the alleged, Political Corruption of the Calderon Political Family in Southeast Los Angeles County. 
"Papi One Bill and Mijo Gil Cedillo Jr."

** Blogger's Note: For the longtime, discerning observers of Southeast Los Angeles County Politics, the names of the cast of characters, formerly associated with the Central Basin Water District, are synonymous with "Culture of Corruption" that has a pending date with "Federal Justice" come next Spring. 
The Central Basin Water District Office in Commerce.

Its no secret that the respective political agendas (ie. pursuit of spoils) of "The Brothers Calderon" and "One Bill Gil" have been intertwined for years, as evident by the likes of infamous underling Mario Beltran.
For the namesake offspring of the now CD 1 City Councilman, it was Tom Calderon who first expose the Young Gil to their family brand of governance, via stints as a Senior Field Representative for then Assemblyman Tom, before assuming the Chief of Staff Position for later Assemblyman Ron.
Young Gil's Tour of Duty for the Brother Calderons, made him a natural to further their political interests, in a newly-created position at the then Calderon corruption-controlled Central Basin Water District, as its "Business Development Manager (a college degree-required position).
The Calderon Political Family.

With the blessing then Central Basin Water District General Manager (a close Papi Cedillo Friend) Art Aguilar, the non-college graduate, was given a six-figure salary ($113,000 a year at the time of his termination), a $22,000 advance (in violation of policy) for tuition at Asuza Pacific University and assess to district funds for meals and other expenses (which totaled $15,000 before his termination).
In lieu of the just-released State of California Audit, that highlights among other fiscal, governing and hiring concerns, the breaches in established protocols (see posted Audit pages below), regarding the hiring of Gil Cedillo Jr., specualtion is rampant, again, regarding the "real duties" of the former Business Development Director. 
According to a 2013 CBS Channel Two Report, former Los Cerritos News Investigative Reporter Randy Economy states ........
“Gilbert Cedillo Jr. has played a major role in this particular situation with the FBI investigation,” said Randy Economy, editor of the Los Cerritos Community News, which has broken several stories about the investigation. Among them was news that the FBI is looking into Cedillo Jr.’s role in a possible corruption scheme, in which companies looking to Sen. Ron Calderon for help securing state contracts may have funneled political contributions and gifts to him through a middle man.
Thus, as the Ron and Tom Calderon Corruption Spring Trial, forges a harsh winter of speculation on whether Brothers Tom & Ron, will sing a "disclosing harmony" (to forestall a long stay at Club Fed) .......,, we ponder what is the current political-related state of the "Namesake Offspring of Gil"? Maybe someone should ask the infamous (and Cedillo/Calderon crony) Mario Beltran?----Scott Johnson.

Central Basin Water District Audit, Page 65 outlining the protocol violations regarding the selection of its "Business Development Manager (Gil Cedillo Jr.).
Central Basin Water District Audit, Page 66 with chart outlining the breach in protocols in hiring, prior to late 2013.
Central Basin Water District Audit, Page 67.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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