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Friday, December 04, 2015

A Open Letter to Councilman Jose Huizar from a Grieving Father

As the Family of Adrian Ernesto Posueloz mourns the loss of a innocent Young Life to another repugnant "Act of Gang-initiated Street Terrorism", a grieving Father awaits a requested audience with CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar  as he calls for additional resources to combat the latest resurgence in Gang-related crimes.
Will the likes of Councilman Huiar, LAPD Captain Martin Baeza and the members of the Hollenbeck CPAB show support for the Family of Adrian Ernesto Posueloz, by requesting additional resources to combat resurgent gang violence? 
** Blogger's Note: While the attention of many is fixated on the horrific premier and aftermath of ISIS-inspired, Radical Islamic Terrorism in San Bernardino, a grieving father of another unintended victim of the "decades-long, gang-initiated, street terrorism", awaits a response to a requested meeting with his elected representative.

From the LAPD .......... On Saturday, November 28, 2015, around 11:15 p.m., officers responded to the 4400 block of Mercury Avenue for a shooting investigation. The officers found Adrian Ernesto Posueloz on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound. Mr. Posueloz did not survive the injuries and was pronounced dead at scene. The preliminary investigation has revealed that Mr. Posueloz and several of his friends were sitting in a parked car on Mercury Avenue. Unknown suspects inside a dark colored sedan drove up alongside their parked vehicle when a suspect got out of his car armed with a firearm and asked, "Where are you from?" Posueloz and his friends had no gang ties and as he tried to run away, the suspect shot him. The suspects fled from the scene in their car. There is no further information at this time and the investigation is ongoing. 
The blunt, under-reported fact is that the areas within the LA-32 Neighborhood Council boundaries (and throughout the City of Los Angeles)  are seeing a resurgence (thanks to AB-109 and Prop 47) of gang-initiated, "acts of street terrorism", as rival gangs engage in a almost, nightly exchange of drive- by shootings.

For the Father of Adrian Posueloz (who was a working student furthering his college education), the grief of losing a child to what he calls a "act of terrorism", is compounded by the fact that his efforts to sound a call for additional measures and resources to combat this latest upswing in gang violence, has merely resulted in his household being the newest recipient of "robo calls", promoting upcoming CD 14-sponsored events.

We sincerely hope that Councilman Huizar, along with LAPD Hollenbeck Division Captain Martin Baeza, members of the Hollenbeck CPAB, LA-32 NC Reps. and community members would give the Father and Family of Adrian Posueloz, a courtesy of a in-person audience, in a show of support for the latest innocent victim of Gang-initiated, Street Terrorism"----Scott Johnson.

To City Councilman Jose Huizar,
I'm the father of the above Victim. I'm trying to remain low profile for the safety of my children.  I came into your El Sereno Office to have a word with you. I was very distraught due to my loss. 
I requested to speak to Julio (Torres), but he sent someone else in to talk to me. A young lady came out to speak to me about my issues and I felt a bit disappointed because she obviously was pressured to tend to me.  She obviously doesn't have experience. Is she an intern?  During our conversation she didn't take notes she sat there and listened to me speak about my loss. She assured me that someone would be contracting me from your office.  upon the the conclusion of our meeting I had to offer her my contact information to insure a prompt response I still haven't heard anything from anyone in your office. Victims family's should not have to request a letter, a visit or phone call from the City Councils office. 
Since my loss, I have received several recorded calls from the councils office on upcoming events for Christmas. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas because my family and i won't.  All I want for Christmas is a City and Federal Gang injunction a multi agency gang sweep. 
a copy of this letter will be forwarded privately to as many agencies as i can think of. I will seek legal council to aid me in getting the resources to take these terrorists of the streets. 
Yes, terrorist! Gang members kill each other. Terrorist prey on the innocent.
Thank You
Father of Adrian Ernesto Posueloz
(** Re posted with permission of Father)

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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