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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A "David (Highland Park Community) vs Goliath (McCormick, Barron and Salazar Developer)" Court Victory

** Blogger's Note: Former Mayor Sam Blogger Solomon "Antonio Watch" Wolfson (who we hope is well), wrote the following below in 2008, about the proposed "Highland Park Transit Village"
A few miles down the Arroyo, the Highland Park Transit Village is coming. A four story, multi-block, all-but-certainty, residents are told. Minor details yet to be worked out include: a) what it will look like, b) whether or not it will include retail, and c) whether or not it will supplant all existing public parking spacesand provide adequate parking for the new residential units. Oh—and, what will become of the “market-priced” units when the market fails to deliver. One thing is certain: 75% “affordable” means developers Kevin McCormack, Richard Baron, and Tony Salazar will sleep soundly—far from Avenue 56 and Figueroa.
In late 2015, despite the efforts of current CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", his predecessor Ed "Density" Reyes, along with the then local Southwest Society Insiders Cabal, featuring the likes of Carol Jacquez, Pat Griffin and Jenny Krusoe, the community altering (adversely according to some) trio of McCormack, Barron and Salazar, will be mulling the legal costs (both past and future), as they ponder their "Goliath Legal Beatdown" by the "David-like Friends of Highland Park".   
The connected Developer, which is synonymous for the Density Housing, espoused by the likes of former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, will likely join with the City of Los Angeles, in appealing the decision, that would force them to restart the approval process (which includes a new EIR). 
In lieu of a potential appeal to the California Supreme Court, the victorious "Friends of Highland Park" and its Legal Counsel Dean Walraff, will host a 2 P.M. Press Conference today (view Press Release below), which include details on the court decision's impact on the Highland Park Community and city wide-----Scott Johnson.   
Page 1 of Friends of Highland Park Press Release.

Page 2 of Friends of Highland Park Press Release.

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