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Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Strange Editorial Endorsement of Montebello Unified Urinal Photographer Edgar Cisneros via the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News"

What is the background on the Strange Editorial Endorsement of Montebello Unified School District "Urinal Photographer", whoops, School Board Member Edgar Cisneros, via the now "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News (Hint, maybe it has to do with Edgar's Campaign Consultant)"?  
Can the Editor/Publisher of the now "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News" explain why the Official Chacon Political Family Propaganda Organ is endorsing the subject of a previous Los Cerritos Community News story on a "Child at a Dodger Stadium Urinal Photo"?
** Blogger's Note: There was once a time in the former era of the Los Cerritos Community News, where "Breaking Political News of Record", was a weekly common place. One of those Breaking Political News Stories in 2014 involved Incumbent Montebello Unified School Board Edgar Cisneros  who faces a tough challenge for re-election (along with board colleague David Vela) from East Los Angeles College Professor Joanna Flores. in Tuesday's Election  Cisneros was outed for posting a photo of his son, allegedly using a Dodgers Stadium Restroom Urinal. It would seem that Cisneros was momentary overcome in a episode of "Fatherly Pride", in noting the fact of his offspring's growth in using the urinal. That said, the premise of the then, Los Cerritos Community News Missive (and many who posted comments), took Cisneros to task for his questionable judgment in posting a photo of his child urinating (especially when the photographer is a School Board Member). But with the former Los Cerritos News becoming now the factually-challenge instrument of journalistic malpractice "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News" in 2015, the past questionable judgement of Incumbent School Board Member Cisneros, apparently has been relegated to the recycle newsprint container as the duo of Edgar Cisneros and David Vela, receive the infamous Chacon Political Family Propaganda Organ's Endorsement for Re-election ............, and would anyone be surprise, considering who is the Campaign Consultant for both? HECTOR CHACON.  Thus, voters who care about the Ethical Integrity of the Montebello Unified School District would find it wise to support challenger Joanna Flores to replace Cisneros (and bemoan the fact that she does not have a Twin to take out David Vela)----Scott Johnson.
** Listen here to KRLA 870 AM Radio Host Randy Economy's Endorsements for Tuesday's Elections and hear Joanna Flores state her reasons for being Elected to the Montebello Unified School Board (in the last segment).
How many adult males would be facing a CPS/Law Enforcement Investigation for posting photos of children using a urinal ?
From column inches of reporting on Edgar Cisneros Urinal Photography in the formerly Los Cerritos News ........, to 2/3 Page, Paid Political Ad in the now "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News".
My name is Chacon Political Family Puppet Master Hector Chacon and I approve of all Paid Ads supporting my clients/puppets in the now "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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