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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Halloween Eve

Its time for the Eighth Annual "Happy City Hall-oween Missive" via  the Downtown News Editor and "Reigning Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie.
From the Downtown News: The Wicked Witch of DWP/IBEW Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's" Greuel seeking some haunted accommodations at 200 Spring Street. 
** Blogger's Note: A bloggin Fall Season coverage of the Los Angeles Political Machine is not complete come the Winter Solstice without the now Eighth Annual "Happy City Hall-oween Missive" via the keyboard of Downtown News Editor ......., and "Reigning Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie. Surely, there will be some "Huizzy Zombinistas" who will claim that I am possess by the "Demons of Past Campaigns Lost (Rudy Martinez in 2011 and Gloria Molina in 2015)". But regardless of my alleged "Bloggin PTSD", we always find a chuckle from the yearly, creative Regardie City Hall-oween Missive as excerpted below----Scott Johnson.
"Train to Nowhere" 
"The Poltergeist of a Huizzy Broadway Streetcar Legacy" 
** Toot toot! What’s that sound? Chugga chugga! Could it be? You look around and, wow, it’s the Broadway streetcar. But where’s it going? You see it halt at a stop labeled $100 million. Then it stops at a station dubbed $125 million. It rolls again but stops at $327.8 million. You look around and there’s a $275 million stop, a $281 million stop and a $250 million stop. Which one is right, what’s the thing really cost and can you ride it? You try to climb aboard but your body passes right through and, heavens to José, the streetcar just seems to be a fantasy! Will it ever come to reality? You have no idea.
** For those who thought that longtime South LA Columnist Betty Pleasant had ascended the "Soulvine to the Great Beyond", she is alive and well, producing her regular "WMD's" (either "Wanton Missives of Distortions" or rare "Written Missive of Distinction") for the Compton Herald ......., and the content never fails to provoke considering ,.........., Florida congressman Alcee Hastings is being lambasted for calling the state of Texas “crazy” for which the state’s congress members are demanding an apology. During a heated congressional debate on President Obama’sAffordable Care Act last month, tempers flared among the Democrats and Republicans to the point where Hastings called the entire red state of Texas “crazy” because, not only was its congressmen trying to destroy Obamacare, but its state legislators tried to pass a “dildo law” that specified the number of dildos Texas women could legally own—as well as their sizes and shapes! 
**  As the Joint DWP/IBEW Joint Job Training/Safety Non-Profits lost their desire to remain a non-audited entity within the "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo" Empire, Village to Village Blogger Paul Hatfield was none too shy in suggesting that a "Top Down Change" needed to be made at LA's utility to affect positive reforms ......., It is time for the city to replace Edwards as the one to track reforms. Appoint an individual from the private sector, independent of the utility. Someone not afraid to speak frankly. It need not – and should not – be a highly paid position. The individual could leverage off of the Ratepayer Advocate, the Neighborhood Council’s DWP working group, retired business people and local business schools.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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