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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Top Ten List of Stories you will not find in the now Brian Hews "Los Chacon (formerly Cerritos) News"

With ABSOLUTELY no apologies to the Publisher/Editor Brian Hews of the formerly Los Cerritos News, now the supposed Commerce Casino-financed "Los Chacon News", we present our Top Ten List of Southeast LA County Political Corruption Missives that will not appear in The Chacon Political Family Propaganda Fishwrap. 
Will Brian Hews answer questions about the blatant pro-Chacon Political Family Bias of the former Los Cerritos News ........, now "Los Chacon News"? 
** Blogger's Note: It was not long ago that a small-town, "Weekly Edition of Breaking News" via a hustling Editor/Reporter Tandem, were beating the supposed "Daily Fishwrap of Records" to exclusive scoops regarding on-going, corruption stories of recent times (ie. John Noguez), But the 2015 Montebello City Council Campaign proceedings has given witness to a downward spiral of journalistic malpractice from a former, award-winning "Newspaper of Record", now reduced to the fitting-moniker of "The Los Chacon News".via its agenda-driven Publisher/Editor Brian Hews. Since the departure of award-winning Investigative Reporter Randy Economy in 2014 from the Los Cerritos News, speculation has been rampant regarding the abrasive persona of Hews. Yet, more telling is the now obvious pro-Chacon Political Family content of what some say is now a Commerce Casino-financed Propaganda Organ for the infamous Southeast LA Political Family (via CD 14's Ramona Gardens). During the current Montebello City Council Campaign, the now "Los Chacon News" has been blatant with its anti-Mayor Jack Hadjinian rantings which are front-loaded with smearing accusations, but lacking in factual substance. Sadly, the types of rabid, agenda-driven missives targeting Mayor Hadjinian, are the new factually-challenged standard for Hews/Chacon Propaganda Organ ........., and as Hews knows all to well, not properly disclosing your "Hidden Agenda" can be costly as denote by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) $5,000 Fine against his inflammatory ad (via a PAC) targeting Cerritos Councilwoman Carol Chen.in 2014. Thus, as a "Bloggin Service of Objectivity", we present below the Top Ten, Factually-based Southeast LA Corruption Stories not found in the now "Los Chacon News"----Scott Johnson.  
10. LA Times: "Old South Gate Foes Dominate District Race".  Current Montebello Unified School Board Member Hector Chacon was then linked to Indicted Associates of infamous South Gate Politico Albert Robles during his unsuccessful campaign for Assembly ......., "The Chacon campaign has been taken over by the Robles brain trust,"(former Assemblyman Hector) De La Torre said last week. "It's the same old Robles smear campaign, all over again."Chacon said that Hernandez's firm was simply paid to print some campaign literature. "I've never met Hernandez," Chacon said. "I don't have any connections with Robles and I never have (** more on that below).
9. Smart Voter: Now Montebello City Council Candidate (via Monterey Park) Fernando Chacon lost his first campaign for Norwalk City Council in 2003.
8.  LA Times: "In Chacon Political Dynasty, Deceit hits close to home". The Driver License-lacking Central Basin Water District Director Art Chacon, assumes the persona of License Driver, Montebello School Board Member (and sibling) Hector Chacon, when pulled over for Driving Under the Influence., 
7. KPPC: "Central Water Basin Board censors Chacon, keeps General Manager";  Central Basin Water District Director Art Chacon is sanctioned by his fellow board members for taking a monthly vehicle allowance, despite not having a Driver License.
5. Smart Voter: Now Montebello City Council Candidate (from Ramona Gardens) Fernando Chacon lost his second campaign for Norwalk City Council in 2007.  
4. Press Telegram News: "Central Basin board members spend lavishly on travel": Chacon incurred nearly $25,000 in total travel expenses from 2009-2010 taking 12 trips, each costing between $1100 and $4,400. Records show that during those conferences, Chacon regularly expensed costly meals for himself and his wife. One such charge was a near-midnight delivery of $60 in fruit, berries and dessert to his Las Vegas hotel room. And Chacon often expensed room service meals - which usually include hefty service charges - to his room in the middle of the conference day, such as $40 for a room service delivery complete with coffee and orange juice shortly after 11 a.m. during a conference that included a continental breakfast.
3. FPPC: A friendly (but formal reminder) from the Fair Political Practices Commission, dated August 12, 2014, "Dear Mr. Chacon and Art Chacon for Water Board 2010: The Fair Political Practices Commission (the ‘FPPC) enforces the pro\isions of the Political Reform Act (the “AcC)1 found in Government Code section 81000, et seq. This letter is in response to a referral from the referrals from the Los Angeles County RegistrarRecorder/County Clerk that you failed to timely file campaign statements as required by the Act".
2. EGP News: "Commerce Councilman Resigns after Pleading Guilty to Misdemeanor"Commerce City Councilman Hugo Argumedo was forced to resign on Tuesday after pleading guilty to signing a false statement in a civil lawsuit. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Henry Barela also prohibited Argumedo from running for office during the next three years. Argumedo pleaded to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice, while avoiding a felony count of perjury by declaration, said Deputy District Attorney Sandi Roth. The D.A. filed the case against Argumedo on Dec. 14. He pleaded guilty to submitting a false affidavit that he had certified as true in a civil lawsuit between the City of Commerce and former city attorney Francisco Leal. Leal filed the false affidavit signed by Argumedo to defend against allegations that he did not pay a settlement to the city after a contractual dispute
......, and ** Numero Uno: In 1999, at the Grand Opening of the South Gate Paseo Shopping Center, Montebello School Board Member Hector Chacon  Commerce Councilman Hugo Argumedo, along with then Commerce City Councilman Ray "Gordy" Cisneros, were observed by now former South Gate City Councilmans Henry Gonzalez and Hector De La Torre, introducing the infamous South Gate Politico Albert Robles ........., as the next Commerce City Administrator. Councilman Cisneros had his SEIU 347 Endorsement revoked when he would not repudiate the supposed plan to hire Robles. Maybe Brian Hews could ask the namesakes of the "Los Chacon News" to verify?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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