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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Thoughts on the "Selfie Politics" of Racial Identity/Immigration

The blowback over the recent Charleston, South Carolina Church Massacre and GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's Generalization of Mexican Illegal Aliens takes on a local dimension.
When will we heed the words of MLK and forgo the Politics of Racial Identity? 
** EVENING UPDATE: Please give the courtesy of listen to this evening's KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show at 8 PM, as he interviews Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper regarding colleague's Roger Hernandez's Act of Intolerance directed at him during a recent committee hearing---Scott Johnson.

A blogging bit of disclosure on this outer wise, beautiful Saturday afternoon, due to a recent allergic reaction, a certain blogger has taken on a physical "Red Neck-like Persona", but contrary to the past rhetoric of lucrative, one percent Charter Educators/Indoctrinators Mr. and Mrs Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson, our musings have been, and will continue to be predicated on the beliefs of MLK that we should judge the subjects of our commentary, based upon the content (or lack of, in the case of Mark(os)/Minnie) their respective character ......., and not skin color.
There was once a time when a evil act of terror or the utterances of a ego-driven persona, were kept within the focus of the actual event (ie. lets not make it more than what it is), but in the "Age of the Selfie", our inner-narcissist cravings (especially among the political class), prompt many of us to become part of the act ........, which removes the victims (and the facts) from their needed focus of attention.
In the wake of the vile murders of nine Americans (of African Descent) by a solitary, deranged young man in Charleston, South Carolina, what was a remarkable, empowering moment of faith-driven, show of character by the families of the victims, was turned into an intolerant spectacle (with attached political opportunism) of historical recrimination as the practitioners of Racial Identity Politics sought to cleanse from the cultural landscape, "hijacked symbols of hatred", that were a byproduct of a tragic American bloodletting ......, that later led to a forgotten time of national reconciliation.
But unfortunately for Congresswoman Hahn, her "Selfie Moment" was usurped by the local visit yesterday of "Mr. UberSelfie", supposed Republican Presidential Candidate (** who has given The Clintons mucho dinero) Donald Trump.
Trump, who espoused his own factually-challenged brand of Racial Identity Politics, by his recent generalization of Mexican Illegal Aliens, was given some inconvenient validation, via the San Francisco Murder of Kate Steinle, that repeatedly-deported (and Sanctuary City-protected) Illegal Aliens do kill.
Its was also an inconvenient truth to the Los Angeles Racial Identity Politics Supporters of LA's Sanctuary City policies, that high-school student Jamiel Shaw Jr. became a victim of Illegal Alien Gang Member Pedro Espinosa in 2008, igniting a debate over LAPD's Special Order 40 and its cooperation with ICE. Jamiel Shaw Sr. has come out in support of Donald Trump on the issue of Illegal Immigration and is schedule to introduce Trump today, at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yet, back in California, Sacramento politicos, led by "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First" orchestrated a "Selfie Moment" of recrimination against Trump (and Senator Ted Cruz), by announcing legislation that would disinvest California from any Trump-owned fiscal entity.

......., meanwhile another victim of a Illegal Alien Murderer, and the inconvenient facts of a fail Sanctuary City Policy, become mere footnotes as the divisive rhetoric of Racial Identity Politics continues on across the choreographed, selfie, cybersphere.
** Evening Update: Jamiel Shaw Sr. and sister Althea are part of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's Press Conference with families of people killed by Illegal Aliens.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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