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Friday, July 24, 2015

Morning Briefs on a Betraying Political Machine for Friday

As more Angelinos come to the realization that its City Clowncil Central Committee (along with the three city-wide officeholders) cannot be trusted, lets remember that all the ethically-challenged antics under the John Ferraro Clowncil Chamber Big Top, have local genesis.  
........, but Acts of Communal Betrayal for Personal and Political Self-Interest, is a daily constant.
** Blogger's Note: Lies? Falsehoods? Betrayal at City Hall? (OK, maybe installation of "Special Doors", but I digress). But as clearly symbolized by the above photo of the "Re-elect Jose Huizar Billboard", in Jack Humphreville's latest missive for "CityWatchLA", trust in the actions of the fifteen members of the City Clowncil Central Committee, is becoming fleeting. Today, as one review the latest content from the cyber pages of the local NC activists bloggin repository, you can find the likes of Anthony "Tony" Butka, Ken Alpern and Denyse Selesnick lamenting the current state of trust and structure within City Hall. Indeed, trust is at a premium between the general electorate and the Special Interest-servicing, City Clowncil Central Committee, as recently noted in a LA Times, David Zahniser missive on yet, another Clowncilman Huizar policy betrayal regarding "Billboard Amnesty". But in diagnosing the level of distrust at 200 Spring Street, activists must remember that "City Hall Policy Betrayals" have their roots in numerous act of "Communal Betrayal" among all fifteen members of the Clowncil Central Committee. For CD 14 Clowncilman Huizar (who went to Princeton), the genesis of his numerous episodes of questionable political (and personal) behavior, is rooted in the fact that a majority of district voters (with various "bought levels"), have fail to hold him accountable when given the opportunity in 2007, 2011, and most recently 2015. The fact that 80% plus of the district voters choose to not exercise their right, makes it easy for a "low information, in denial, bought minority" of Special Interest-linked ballot stuffers, to allow the continuance of representation, that results in troubling episodes of ethical (and personal) policy initiatives highlighted below---Scott Johnson.
Homeless Encampment on Elephant Hill.
USC's removal of historic green/view scape at Hazard Park.
The mystical LA Streetcar/ Huizzy Legacy Choo Choo.
Lucrative 1% Charter School Indoctrinator Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson with Clowncilman Huizar.

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