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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Late Morning Update ...........

** Personal Note: Its been a emotional past couple of days as a Close Friend and Family laid to rest God's newest Angel, who embarked on her new spiritual vocation after a brief five years of wonderful life. As someone who's career vocation is predicated on mentoring youth to become productive adults, the lost of a child, especially at such a young age, cannot be simply relegated secondary to some mere blog missive. In the last few months, death has made his acquaintances too well known as friends such as Ted Juarez, Leonard Pina, Michael Higby, and now the Granddaughter of my friend Hugo Pacheco, "Rosie" have gone on to become "Angels of a Better Tomorrow". Thus, on this day, let the remembrance of friends departed .........., and prayers for their respective love ones, take prominence from our normal bloggin state of purpose---Scott Johnson.


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