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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Continuing the Dialog on the Bloggin Future of Mayor Sam

We continue the Dialog on the Bloggin Future of Mayor Sam in progress ............
 Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby knew all too well the importance of cross messaging our bloggin content, from one medium to another. 
** Blogger's Notes: As a Hump Day nears its appointed time in setting off into the West, please let me extend my heartfelt appreciation to the many of you who have been supported in the recent weeks as the grieving of an untimely loss of a Dear Friend, now must give way to insuring that this blog's purpose for being, ......., continues. Since the time of Michael's Passing, the bewilderment of loss, mixed with my own life obligations, have not been compatible in maintaining a consistent blogging presence. That said, somewhere, from a better above, directed to an inner core of purpose, a spiritual, "Bloggin Editor Emeritus" is imploring me to move beyond the sadness ......, and continue the work (with "Spollcheck" enabled). Indeed, in the memory of Michael, its time that his cyber creation moves onward, and with that intent as the foundation for the future, we want to be interactive in sharing with you all, our future goals for the Mayor Sam Bloggin Brand, as outlined below---Scott Johnson.
First, this Bloggin Declaimer as outlined from something called the "First Amendment":
With no apologies to the likes of the New Left Totalitarians and Republican Establishment Conformists, this is the "Absolute Basis for our Bloggin Being (with no exceptions)".
Second, its about you espousing your inner-bloggin potential:
To paraphrase "Uncle Sam" ......., "Bloggin Mayor Sam wants YOU!!". As a growing conformist, totalitarianism attempts to usurp our rights to question the Machine-installed figureheads at places such as 200 Spring Street, we are initiating our call for new, fresh contributors from all fifteen fiefdoms of Ciudad de Los Angeles  Lets not forget what the likes of "Zuma Dogg", "Joe B.", "Petra", "Antonio Watch", and Joseph Mailander contributed to the local political discourse ......, and more important,  in exposing issues of concern, that brought about positive community change. If you wish to exercise your right to engage in the local bloggin dialog (while respecting the contrary opinions of others), then send me an email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com.
Third, new Partnerships and Collaborations:
Let there be no doubt that the future of the Mayor Sam Blog, will be rooted not only in our salient, signature snarky-dipped commentary (with attached monikers), but more paramount, the ability to make political news. This blog can take pride in breaking news regarding the likes of "Infant Assemblyman" Mike Gatto, "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant John Shallman" .........., and of course a certain "Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro, CD 14 City Councilman". In the next couple of weeks, we plan on announcing some major new collaborations and partnerships, in the interest of ensuring that your right to a "Free Bloggin Press and the ability to "Petition your Government" are respected.
Fourth, growing the Mayor Sam Brand:
In the 21st Century World of Social Media, blogs are the new portals for instantaneous information, especially on the "micro-political happenings", with the ability to share with a macro-audience. But while most "link in" for current information, many still are practitioners of old school news gathering via print, visual and audio media. Our goal for the future of Mayor Sam is to grow with technology, while maintaining our ability to disperse our content via local newsprint, TV News and of course the marvel of Talk Radio.
Lastly, Educating and Mentoring the next Bloggin Generation:
Somewhere out in our local cybersphere are "Mini Mayor Sams". A healthful open and transparent democracy is predicated on preserving a strong "Bloggersphere of Record", protected under the First Amendment. In recent years, a "Totalitarian Intolerance" has made its attempt to usurp Freedom of Expression in the local blogger sphere, via the resources of those with non-ethical intentions. If true tolerance of diversity, in both being and thought, is to survive, then this blog needs to take leadership in ensuring that those who would desire to become the "Citizen Journalists/Commentators" of the next generation, are provided a mentoring bloggin environment, that places paramount, the absolute meaning of our First Amendment Rights. Thus, cementing Michael's "cyber-creation of expression" as a community repository for holding our political leadership to a high level of openness and transparency.   

The "Power of Google Blog" can empower those seeking to hold government accountable.
Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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