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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Special Mayor Sam Bloggin PSA on Selling (or naught) a DWP Rate Hike in "Chinatown".

As scores of DWP-paid shills prepare to wade out through the broken water mains-made streams to sell the need to raise water rates in "Chinatown (aka. Los Angeles)", we bring you this bloggin PSA (with videos) on the "background" behind the dysfunctional utilities scheme to affect increase revenues.    
 We wonder if this video of Michael "MEAT" Trujillo shilling for the infamous "Measure B", is require viewing for current DWP-paid shills?
** Blogger's Note; Please pardon the bloggin delay this AM for somehow, someway, this blogger is channeling the mindset of our esteem friend, Downtown News Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, in mixing cinema into a missive on the latest attempt by the DWP to sell the need for water rate increases to sustain the General Fund......., whoops, upgrade an aging infrastructure. Unlike the "Scribe of Wit", this blogger has a shallow reservoir of current cinematic knowledge, but when it comes to locally-themed classics such as "Chinatown", its easy to assume the persona of "JJ Jake Gittes" in crafting this bloggin, PSA (with video background). In the weeks ahead as the LA Times notes, trained DWP spokeholes will spread out into the shadows, the far corners, sometimes, wading through busted water main-cause streams of water around the city, to repeat choreographed presentations to Neighborhood Councils and any community group that will host a gathering. But unlike past schemes such as the infamous "Measure B", Angelinos will note have a voting say on the proposed rate increases. Instead, the strength of the Neighborhood Council System will be tested (again) in conveying an united message whether their respective stakeholders, support or opposed a water rate increase. That said, discerning readers should review the videos posted here to improve their perspective on background behind the reasons for the current, dysfunctional state of the DWP ........, for in the end, fifteen members of the IBEW/DWP-financed City Clowncil Central Committee and a Mayor, will determine whether the oversight of a reformed-challenged utility, will continue being a "Chinatown-like Reality Series"---Scott Johnson.       

 How much will the "Noah Cross-like character" IBEW/DWP "Strongman Brian D"Arcy Rizzo" benefit from increases in water rates?
 Will increases in water rates keep the highly-paid DWP workforce busy in upgrading an aging water infrastructure?
Ratepayers should not forget past DWP schemes ......., for this is still "Chaintown/Los Angeles", especially at 200 Spring Street.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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