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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Dialog on a 710 Freeway, Golden Eagle (Connector) Road this Evening in El Sereno

As the decades-long controversy regarding the 710 Freeway continues on, a CD-14 sponsored Community Meeting will take place this evening in El Sereno, with the newly-proposed "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road", the hot (and potentially, El Sereno Community-dividing) topic.
 The "Beyond the 710 Coalition (with a notable Corner Store Trekker)", espousing the propose "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road".
From the LA Times regarding the proposed "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road": Instead of constructing the extension, Beyond the 710 envisions building several local surface-street projects, including a four-lane thoroughfare called Golden Eagle Boulevard that would head 1.9 miles north from the southern stub of the 710 to Fremont Street in Alhambra. Golden Eagle would intersect Valley Boulevard, Alhambra Avenue and East Mission Road, allowing traffic to be distributed to other surface streets while protecting residential neighborhoods.
CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar cuts ribbon at the Grand Opening of the El Sereno Arroyo Park.

** Neighbors of El Sereno Founder Val Marquez regarding tonight's meeting:

URGENT MEETING - Connector Road Could Close ES Arroyo Playground
Dear Concerned Neighbors:
Jose Huizar is hosting another 710 Community Meeting this Wednesday, July 29th and NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR INPUT on the most recent 710 alternatives.
At the last meeting on June 18th, there was a proposal from Beyond the 710 group that included a CONNECTOR ROAD, called “Golden Eagle Boulevard.”
Make no mistake…this CONNECTOR ROAD would go RIGHT THROUGH our El Sereno Arroyo Playground.
South Pasadena initiated the Connector Road idea and has had it on their website for 8 years or more. Now the Beyond the 710 group, which includes more cities have adapted the CONNECTOR ROAD into their 710 alternatives proposal.
With the help of Rep. Adam Schiff, they are putting pressure on José Huizar to consider supporting their proposal as an alternative. So he is having these meetings to get the community's input. So you need to let him know!!!
The Beyond the 710 group, and the more affluent cities to the north, think we are a bunch of dummies, and believe they can sneak this under our noses.
·      They didn’t even mention the Golden Eagle Bl. at the last meeting, when this is the most impactful piece of their proposal to our community.
·      They filled the meeting with a majority of their group at each table to try to intimidate and sway our community.
·      South Pasadena, and now this group, have consistently thrown El Sereno under the bus to try to accomplish their goals.
Read their proposal for yourself:  http://www.beyondthe710.org/better_alternatives.
Pay special attention to the map (on the South Stub page) that shows the “Golden Eagle” going right through our park!
We need to SHOW UP IN FORCE and make it clear we want the Councilman to REJECT ANY PROPOSAL that CONTAINS a CONNECTOR ROAD in or near our residential community!
WHEN:    Wednesday, July 29, 2015
TIME:       6:00 PM
PLACE:   El Sereno Senior Citizen Center, 4818 Klamath Pl., LA 90032
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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