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Friday, February 06, 2015

An Emergency DA Flashback of Lauro Nick Pacheco's "Gloria Marina Past"

We pause our coverage to bring you this bloggin Emergency DA Flashback to a late Lauro Nick Pacheco associate's infamous "Gloria Marina Robo Call Scheme", to discredit the 2001 Mayoral Campaign of Antonio Villar, on behalf of then challenger, now Congressman Xavier Becerra.   
 What is it about now CD 14 City Candidate Gloria Molina, that prompts former Councilman Pacheco to undertake various episodes of adverse campaigning against the former LA County Supervisor?
** Blogger's Note: Please pause with us as we engage in this "Emergency DA Flashback" to a storied past episode of Campaign Dirty Tricks gone bad and the role former CD 14 City Councilman Lauro "Nick" Pacheco, allegedly, did not have in its creation. With the former Councilman actively raising funds, as part of an Independent Expenditure Committee in support of his past bitter campaign opponent and current Officeholder Jose Huizar's re-election, we replicate here for your review, the Los Angeles County District Attorney Report on the investigation into his late surrogate's role in the 2001 Mayoral Campaign "Emergency Phone Call from Gloria Marina Controversy". While the report clears the current Attorney/Real Estate Professional of any "direct" connection, that fact that his late Chief of Staff and the now defunct, La Coletiva Organization" were involve ......, and targeted, via the "Marina-like Persona" of the then LA County Board of Supervisor (who endorsed Pacheco's 1999 challenger Victor Griego), will always link the single-term Councilman (indirectly as it be), to this sophomoric act of political pay back. Now fourteen years later ......., and only four years remove from being on the receiving end of personal attacks from Huizar's 2011 Campaign, many are pondering why Pacheco would be so willing to raise money for his formerly bitter opponent, maybe the answer is simply, a gender thing?----Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
 Page 1 of District Attorney Report on the Investigation of "Gloria Marina Robocallgate".

 Page 2
Page 3
 Page 4
Page 5
 Page 6
Maybe, putting gender-based grudges (allegedly) ahead of community, is why Pacheco was a CD 14 one-termer? 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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