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Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Sunday Cyber Tour of the CD 4 Campaign Proceedings

Join us for a Sunday Cyber/Social Media Tour of the current CD 4 Campaign Proceedings as a bunch of candidates seek to be the replacement for Councilman Tom LaBonge come July 1, 2015.
We have documentation that all the candidates wishing to replace CD 4 City Councilman Tom LaBonge in 2015, can fit in one, wide photo (via Carolyn Ramsey).
** Blogger's Note: Its good for broodingly the municipal perspective of a certain CD-14-centric blogger to look beyond the western shore lines of the Los Angeles River, on occasions, in search of bloggin content, especially during the every-other-year LA City Council Election Cycle. Thus, with cyber map embedded, we commence on a cyber stroll outing to CD 4, in search of campaign content of interest. Please note, if you have any CD 4 Campaign content you wish to share, you can contact myself at redspotincd14@yahoo.com ---Scott Johnson in CD 14.  
How much was the Special Interest Carbon Footprint for State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First" staffer Steve Veres latest endorsement?
Sadly, as our cyber tour of CD 4 City Council Campaign commences, the first thing we notice upon crossing the banks of the LA River, is the concentration of single use plastic bags within the Willows-thriving and Homeless-residing waterway (especially within the area of Griffith Park, south to the Riverside Avenue Bridge). That said, was it now Candidate Veres boss, who besides preserving the corrupt municipality of Vernon, also was the supporter in preserving the industrial city's Plastic Bag Manufacturing Base by initially, opposing the Single Use Bag Ban? 
BLOGGIN NEWS FLASH!! Its Tacos with Tomas (O"Grady) Sunday.
Nothing like a Taco Break on Cyber Tour.
The 2011 runner-up to Councilman Tom LaBonge, Tomas O'Grady is building upon his Daily News Co-endorsement (with Teddy Davis) by hosting a "Tacos with Tomas Event between 2-5 PM today. While not having the monetary resources of the likes of David Ryu, Steve Veres and Carolyn Ramsey, expect O'Grady to make a top-tier placement in the March Election.

What the Daily News said about CD 4 Co-endorsee Teddy Davis. 
No trek to another area is complete without reviewing the local "Valley Daily Moldy Green Fishwrap of Record".
The supposed "Insider Candidate" that use to work for a "Failure Mayor" was the subject of these comments from the Daily News Editorial Board ........., Davis, 36, is an L.A. native who attended K-12 school in Sherman Oaks, an attorney and a polished communicator after stints as an aide to Gov. Gray Davis and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, as an ABC News journalist and as a USC educator. In the editorial board’s interviews with candidates, Davis was the most forceful in demanding more accountability from the Department of Water and Power and increased pension contributions from city employees — two vital issues.
Lets give credit to the most creative CD 4 Meet and Greet Event.
The most fun in undertaking a cyber trek is getting chance to partake in unique "meet and greet events" and the above was creative indeed in meeting potential voters. That said, the CD Campaign of Korean-American political aspirant David Ryu, has shown itself with its CD 4-leading Fundraising and high-profile endorsements (CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks and California Treasurer John Chiang), that it will be a major contender to move on to the May Runoff. 
Working the phones for Carolyn Ramsey.
Does the "phone script" for CD 4 City Councilman Tom LaBonge Chief of Staff Carolyn Ramsey's Campaign, start with "where did you go to high school (in CD 4)?
The out-going CD 4 City Councilman Tom LaBonge designated heir Carolyn Ramsey, may have, thee rolodex of crucial community contacts, in the crowded race to replace her boss, but the key issue for the longtime staffer is how she presents her "own persona" to district voters.
Does any area of CD 4 have the Wally Knox-preserved 310 Area Code? 
Behold the whole of CD 4.
There was once in local political folklore, a West LA Politico, who aspired to become Governor of California, based upon his perceived role in preserving the defining identity of West LA......., the 310 Area Code. Years later, and that same politico has lower his expectations to merely getting elected to the Los Angeles City Council. But again, the "Hard Knocks of Facts" are working against the former Assemblyman ........, and DWP Commissioner, as his wife's work on the behalf of noted Strongman Brian D'Arcy Rizzo's IBEW Union, has discerning political observers, keyboarding missives about potential Conflict of Interest issues. 

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.




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