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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Night of Celebration with new State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon can be Costly

On the night before "Friend of Fabian via San Diego's Logan Beach", State Senator Kevin de Leon becomes the President Pro Tem, the former Carol Jacques "Coach Potato", is celebrating with a "high maintenance (in Campaign Contributions) event" in Downtown LA.
 Indicted State Senator Leland Yee to new State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon: "LMAO!! The price to party with you is comparable to the firearms I sell (allegedly)". 
Indicted State Senator Ron Calderon to CD 1 City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo": Kevin proposed a no work Commission Appointment for me that resembled the one your son had at the Central Basin Water District (allegedly)".

The San Diego Logan Beach Boy, who allegedly domicile, with Carpetbag in hand, on the couch of the Northeast LA Democrat Power Couple Bill Rumble and Carol Jacquez (allegedly), has made it to the Political Big Time!!
......, and for the right price, you can join the exclusive celebration of State Senator Kevin de Leon's ascension to the top State Senate Leadership Post of President Pro Tem, this evening at Downtown LA's Perch Restaurant on the corner of 5th and Hill, as the Sacramento Bee's Capital Alert reports.
Kevin de León won’t take over as the new state Senate President Pro Tem for one more day, but he’s already celebrating in style. The California Democratic Party is hosting a major fundraiser tonight in honor of the Los Angeles Democrat’s swearing-in tomorrow, with tickets ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 for the 5 p.m. VIP cocktail hour at Perch restaurant in Los Angeles. Those with slightly less disposable income to throw around can attend the reception for de León at 6 p.m. for $4,100.
Rest assure that tonight the elevator to the roof of The Perch will be filled with assorted Power Brokers, Lobbyists, Contributors and comp Cronies, while the low level Political Peons await another time to bless Fabian's Boy with their best regards (and miniscule contributions), as de Leon seeks megabucks in his goal of retaining a Dependentcratic Collectivist Super Majority.
In reviewing the current data from the Secretary of State's Cal Assess Website, the formerly rumored CD-14 City Council Candidate (yes we had to throw that out for the benefit of Councilman Huizar) has over $900,000 in cash on hand to beat back the challenge of Eagle Rock Progressive Peter Choi. But when your hired consultant is none other than the "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman, the cost in campaigning against a Eagle Rock Progressive can get expensive, as evident below.
......, but unlike a certain 51st AD Assemblyman, at least the State Senate President Pro Tem to be, has a Campaign Website that has updated Facebook and Twitter postings as exampled by his recent visit to the "Connected Non-Profit" Legacy LA.
Another visit to the lightly-attended Legacy LA by State Senator Kevin de Leon.
But like a certain 51st AD Assemblyman, don't go looking for a Campaign Headquarters because no one is around as they are occupied in paying the bills. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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