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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kevin James Makes Clear His Animal Policy

Animal welfare issues are key for many Los Angeles residents. Candidate for Mayor, Kevin James, has issued an extensive position paper on his plans for no-kill shelters, cutting back on unwanted animals and reducing the cost of managing Los Angeles animal issues. James has an extensive background in these issues, including his work with the AIDS Project Los Angeles PAWS/LA program and his work to assist equestrian owners in the Los Angeles Foothills during 2009's Station Fire.

Read the entire piece at LA Citywatch.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Looks like Jan Perry is trying to include animal issues but did that come independently or because of Kevin James announcing his ideas?

The James' idea appears to be something that can be tried, more than a lot of what the opponents have done over their careers with an opportunity as elected officials. The only big animal issue I recall right offhand is Billy the Elephant and the $41 million cost of the enclosure at the zoo that took days of council time and Billy's welfare took a back seat to how much LA would still have to pay on the contracts even if they moved Billy. Poor Billy. I remember Rosendahl did a 180 degree shift once he heard some money would still be due upon cancellation of the deal. Caring CMs, indeed. The Weasels are not all in the zoo.

Robert in cd-14

January 23, 2013 7:05 PM  

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