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Monday, November 05, 2012

Evening Briefs for Election Eve 2012

Support Stephen Smith for Congress in the 31st District. 
It was nice to know that my current Congressman Hector Becerra thought to send out a campaign mailer as he goes through the motion of campaigning for reelection in a largely democratic district. That said, my absentee ballot will show that Republican Challenger Stephen Smith has my support via vote to replace Becerra in Congress. Voters in the 31st District face a looming double whammy of increase taxes thanks to the efforts of their current congressman. Most don't give Smith a chance to win, but vote by vote, we can affect change and elect someone who will put fiscal responsibility before irresponsible tax and spend policies that have this country facing a fiscal day of reckoning. 

** Assemblyman Roger Hernandez and 51st Ad Candidate Jimmy Gomez Supporter Roger Hernandez sued by Ex. Girlfriend
From the LA Times and look who the Ex. Girlfriend retained as attorney, Gloria "Super Glow" Allred.
State AssemblymanRoger Hernandez (D-West Covina) was sued Monday by a woman alleging that he physically abused her during a months-long relationship and that he used illegal drugs.The civil suit was filed on behalf of Carolina Taillon by attorney Gloria Allred and seeks unspecified damages against Hernandez over allegations of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.The lawsuit was filed the day before Hernandez stands for reelection in a contest with Republican Joe Gardner, a retired police officer. The assemblyman's attorney, Joe Weimortz Jr., said the allegations were timed to hurt the incumbent politically."Assemblyman Hernandez adamantly denies these allegations,'' Weimortz said. He characterized the allegations as a calculated effort to "tarnish the assemblyman's reputation on the eve of an election.''Allred said Taillon and the lawsuit have nothing to do with the Gardner campaign. "She is not affiliated with him and is not a supporter of his,'' she said.

** 50th AD Candidate Besty Butler is in big trouble and who in her convoluted thought process, is responsible for her pending demise on Election Day? Think the "Weekly of Record", who has rightfully reported on her political cowardice in not voting "yes or no" on State Senator Alex Padilla "Sex Pervert Educator Termination Senate Bill 1530".

** The California Fair Political Practice Commission has found the dastardly groups responsible for spending $11 Million dollars to defeat Prop 30 and support Prop 32. The actions of the FPPC and the California Supreme Court reek of a Left Wing witch hunt against conservative groups. 

** One prediction we can make on tomorrow's election, is that a certain campaign consultant/campaign manager, who is known for his blogging and driving exploits, will continue his losing streak of elections as the Zorro Marxist known as CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON, goes down to defeat in the 39th Assembly District.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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