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Monday, October 15, 2012

Morning Puffs for Votes in Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Elections?

Pot for votes in Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Elections?
 The buzz on $40 of Medical Pot for your vote in ERNC Election.
ERNC "Progress and Collaboration Slate President Candidate Nelson Grande II (right).
We can call it the fall out but second thought, the smoke is clearing on some of the "behind the pot smoke drama", from Saturday's Eagle Rock Neighborhood Concil Elections. 
Eagle Rock Patch's Ajay Singh is reporting this alleged inducement for "outsiders" to vote for the Medical Marijana linked "Progress and Collaboration Slate".
Although the Progress and Collaboration slate, as this faction is called, denies any involvement, a deal was cut with outsiders that they would be given $40 worth of free marijuana products from a pot clinic in the Rampart area (Third Street and Rampart, to be precise) if they produced an “I Empowered LA” sticker given to voters who cast their ballot. (See attached scan of flyer testifying to such an agreement.)
 How come Cheech and Chong never thought of this?

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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