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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did Councilman Huizar attend Happy Hour Birthday Party for his Staffer before Accident?

** Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did City Councilman Jose Huizar attend Happy Hour Birthday Party in honor of his staffer Erick Martell, before his Boyle Heights Traffic Accident?
 CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
CD 14 Legislative and Transportation Deputy Staffer Erick Martell.
** Blogger's Note: Mayor Sam has obtain this email that invites various city council staffers to a Happy Hour Birthday Party for CD 14 City Council Jose Huizar Staffer Erick Martell, yesterday evening at the The Edison. It is very conceivable that Councilman Huizar would of attended this Birthday Party for one of his longer serving staffers, then upon leaving, make his way eastbound on First Street, homeward bound, where he was later involved in a three car accident near First and Boyle. We should note again that Councilman Huizar was not supposedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, according to his spokesperson Rick Coca---Scott Johnson.  

From: rebecca liu <rebecca.liu@lacity.org>
Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Council Staff Happy Hour
To: Michael Bai <michael.bai@lacity.org>, Justin Wesson <justin.wesson@lacity.org> (** should this guy be invited to any happy Hour Party after his DUI?), Andrew Westall <andrew.westall@lacity.org>, Edward Johnson <edw.johnson@lacity.org>, Adrian.Garcia@lacity.org, Alan Alietti <Alan.Alietti@lacity.org>, Alexis Marin <alexis.marin@lacity.org>, Ana Guerrero <Ana.Guerrero@lacity.org>, Andrea Sotelo <andrea.sotelo@lacity.org>, Andrew Palacios <andrew.palacios@lacity.org>, Asad Baig <asad.baig@lacity.org>, Benjamin Flores <ben.flores@lacity.org>, Bernard Dory <bernard.dory@lacity.org>, Betsy Annas <betsy.annas@lacity.org>, Brian Perry <brian.perry@lacity.org>, Brian Walters <brian.walters@lacity.org>, Candy Barreda <candy.barreda@lacity.org>, Carleen Gonzalez <carleen.gonzalez@lacity.org>, Daniel Lopez <daniel.lopez@lacity.org>, Daniel Tarica <Daniel.Tarica@lacity.org>, David Cano <David.Cano@lacity.org>, David Hersch <david.hersch@lacity.org>, Dion O'Connell <Dion.OConnell@lacity.org>, Doug Tripp <doug.tripp@lacity.org>, Doane Liu <doane.liu@lacity.org>, Ed Santacruz <ed.santacruz@lacity.org>, Eduardo Soriano-Hewitt <edo.soriano.hewitt@gmail.com>, Emily Mayeda <emily.mayeda@lacity.org>, Eric Garcetti <eric.garcetti@lacity.org>, Eric Robles <eric.robles@lacity.org>, Erika Pulst <erika.pulst@lacity.org>, Erick Martell <erick.martell@lacity.org>, Franco Viteri <franco.viteri@lacity.org>, Gabriela Marquez <gabriela.marquez@lacity.org>, George Esparza <george.esparza@lacity.org>, Gerry Miller <gerry.miller@lacity.org>, Guy Lipa <Guy.Lipa@lacity.org>, Heather Repenning <Heather.Repenning@lacity.org>, Heleen Ramirez <Heleen.Ramirez@lacity.org>, james lee <james.lee@lacity.org>, Jeffrey Ebenstein <jeffrey.ebenstein@lacity.org>, Jenny Chavez <jenny.chavez@lacity.org>, Jenny Portillo <jenny.m.portillo@lacity.org>, Jimmy Blackman <jimmy.blackman@lacity.org>, John Gregory <john.gregory@lacity.org>, Judith Reel <Judith.Reel@lacity.org>, Justin Brimmer <justin.brimmer@lacity.org>, Lidia Soto <lidia.soto@lacity.org>, Karen Kalfayan <karen.kalfayan@lacity.org>, Ken Moody <Ken.Moody@lacity.org>, Kevin Montgomery <kevin.montgomery@lacity.org>, Kian Kaeni <Kian.Kaeni@lacity.org>, Lisa Flores <lisa.flores@lacity.org>, Lisa Schechter <Lisa.Schechter@lacity.org>, Lorenzo Briceno <lorenzo.briceno@lacity.org>, Lynnette Amerian <Lynnette.Amerian@lacity.org>, Maria Aguiniga <maria.aguiniga@lacity.org>,Marcel.porras@lacity.org, Marie Rumsey <marie.rumsey@lacity.org>, Marisa Alcaraz <Marisa.Alcaraz@lacity.org>, Matt Hale <matt.hale@lacity.org>, Matt Myerhoff <matt.myerhoff@lacity.org>, "Michael D. Garcia" <michael.d.garcia@lacity.org>, Miguel Franco <miguel.franco@lacity.org>, Monica Valencia <monica.valencia@lacity.org>, myriam lopez <myriam.lopez@lacity.org>, Nicole Bernson <nicole.bernson@lacity.org>, "paloma.perez" <paloma.perez@lacity.org>, Patrice Lattimore <patrice.lattimore@lacity.org>, Paul Michael Neuman <paul.neuman@lacity.org>, Pierre Riotoc <pierre.riotoc@lacity.org>, Raymond Kwan <raymond.kwan@lacity.org>, Richard Llewellyn <richard.llewellyn@lacity.org>, Richard Musquiz <richard.musquiz@lacity.org>, Robert Payan <robert.payan@lacity.org>, Russ Bellenot <russ.bellenot@lacity.org>, Sally Castro <Sally.Castro@lacity.org>, Sarah Brennan <sarah.brennan@lacity.org>, Sara Ter-Minasyan <sara.ter-minasyan@lacity.org>, Shannon Hoppes <shannon.hoppes@lacity.org>, Sheri Mandel <sheri.mandel@lacity.org>, Stephanie Magnien <stephanie.magnien@lacity.org>, Susan Jack <susan.jack@lacity.org>, Susan Wong <susan.s.wong@lacity.org>, Tam Vuong <tam.vuong@lacity.org>, Ted Lin <ted.lin@lacity.org>, Tony Arranaga <tony.arranaga@lacity.org>, Tony Ighani <tony.ighani@lacity.org>, Tony Perez <tony.perez@lacity.org>, Tracey Chavira <tracey.chavira@lacity.org>, Trudie Abraham <trudie.abraham@lacity.org>, Yolanda Ramos <yolanda.ramos@lacity.org>, Patricia Whelan <Patricia.Whelan@lacity.org>, Ryan Norwall <ryan.norwall@lacity.org>, Ryan Ferguson <ryan.ferguson@lacity.org>, Kevin Bingham <kevin.bingham@lacity.org>, teresa duran <teresa.duran@lacity.org>, Leana Scott <leana.scott@lacity.org>, Christina Oh <christina.oh@lacity.org>, Sharon Tso <sharon.tso@lacity.org>

Summer is over and we know how hard everyone has been working!  We would like to invite you to a Happy Hour tomorrow, October 25, to enjoy each other's company outside of City Hall and celebrate the birthday of our fellow council staffer, Erick Martell.  

When:     Thursday, October 25
               5:30 pm

Where:    The Edison
               108 West 2nd Street #101
                Los Angeles, CA 90012
Forward to other staff!  
See you there,

** Should Councilman Huizar state for the record whether he was at this party before his Boyle Heights accident?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why do we care where he was? OK, he went to a party, where's the crime? What's the connection? He wasn't arrested for anything so. . . ?

October 28, 2012 5:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Scott, I loathe Jose Huizar, but you manage to make the guy likable with your suggesting that being present where alcohol is served somehow makes him DUI at the time of the accident.

If you have any cajones, publish your accusation. If you have proof he was drinking, or that he was drunk, COME OUT WITH IT and be a man.

And if you don't, stop being a little schoolgirl about things.

October 28, 2012 2:32 PM  

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