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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lloyd Levine's Liquor Store, Tobacco Money Mailer

Lloyd Levine
Remember our old friend, Lloyd "The Nanny" (or "The Bachelor") Levine, former San Fernando Valley Assemblyman who traded on his political consultant daddy's name to get on the government payroll for six years?

Assemblyman Levine, who on his way to become California's nanny targeted everything from light bulbs to plastic bags, has been eclipsed by bigger nannies of late such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg or First Lady Michelle Obama, but I digress.

Around the Capitol reports that he's back, trading on all of that to live off the money of political candidates and special interest groups seeking to influence Tuesday's election.

Levine is helming a "slate mailer," those erstwhile pieces of former pulp that wind up en masse in your mailbox every election cycle. While they try to create the image of a political party or some community organization cheerfully cheering on their favorite candidates and cause, as some of sort of altruistic team effort, the truth is (most of the time except for some throwaways like to Presidential candidates who have no need for the mailer) each and every ballot recommendation on the slate was bought and paid for. Many times the mailer can pair candidates and props who absolutely are not simpatico.

For those who produce the mailers, it can be quite financially lucrative. For those who appear it's a cost effective way to keep the mailbox war going and to be associated with other candidates and causes (and worthy sounding "organizations) that could help push a voter their way.

Levine's "Coalition for Literacy" AKA Cory's Liquor
Levine's latest mailer, for which he and his father's company pulled down nearly $350K from moneyed interests, including payments from pro-tobacco interests, seeking the spotlight, is in the name of some organization called Coalition for Literacy.

Both Around the Capitol and the bombastic Hollywood gadfly/activist John Walsh report that the address on the mailer for the Coalition is 1954 West Carson Street in Torrance.

John Walsh and Friends on Cable TV
A quick Google Maps search for that address reveals it's the home of Cory's Liquor Store.  According to Around the Capitol, cash is sent to the Levine office in Sherman Oaks.

Among a series of local candidates (and freebies for Obama and DiFi) who paid to be on the mailer, one of the more prominent appearances is by the "No on 29" campaign, an effort funded by tobacco companies to fight yet another tax on cigarettes. Around the Capitol reports that Nanny Levine told them he received no tobacco money for the mailer, yet records show No on 29 paid at least $17,500 for their appearance.

When voter turn out is lower than ever, local and state government has reached levels of corruption that would make former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley blush, and the City is literally crumbling, it's no wonder citizens are cynical when political interests can get personally rich playing this game.

One wonders if and when the populace will ever wake up. Levine is betting no.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

This is the most boring blog out there these days. What happened to Mayor Sam blog?

June 02, 2012 9:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

But yet you took the time to post a response, doe that make you a boring person?

June 03, 2012 11:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Almost makes me want to say go play on the freeway!

June 03, 2012 10:59 PM  

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