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Friday, June 01, 2012

John Noguez "takes leave" as LA County Assessor

Resigning, whoops, leave-taking LA County Assessor John Noguez.
former Huntington Park City Councilman/Mayor John Noguez who's alleged scheme to lower property tax assessments in return for campaign contributions, has announced this afternoon that he is taking a 'leave of absence" from his position as LA County Assessor.
The LA Times had reported that Noguez was resigning but according to KABC 790 AM, citing a written statement from Noguez, the former Southeast LA Politico is merely taking a break from his elected duties pending resolution of the investigation into his alleged fundraising scheme.
This latest controversy involving a Southeast LA Politico has its roots in the reporting of the since defunct watchourcity.com blog which had a long track record of questioning Noguez's ethical standing. This was the same blog that was questioning former City of Bell City Councilman George Cole before the LA Times Pulitzer Award-winning coverage exposed the rampant corruption  to a larger audience.
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