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Friday, April 27, 2012

City Attorney Candidate Assemblyman Mike Feuer's pursuit of PPL Endorsement faces scrutiny

 Assemblyman and 2013 City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer.
Movie Poster for "The Onion Field Movie"
We received this from retire Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre on the recent actions of Assemblyman and 2013 City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer.
How far well  former Los Angeles City Councilman now State Assembly member Mike Feuer go to obtain the endorsement of the Los Angeles Police Department Protective League in his quest for Los Angeles City Attorney?

Mike Feuer has been a state elected official going back as far as 2006. So why did he wait until recently to present an Assembly Constitutional Resolution # 100 to honor Murdered Los Angeles Police Officer Ian Campbell . Ian Campbell was gunned down and executed by Onion Field killer Gregory Powell in 1963.

The California State Assembly did pass the Resolution.

If Mike Feuer was sincere in wanting to honor this brave and fallen Los Angeles Police Officer then he should have requested this Assembly Constitutional Resolution many years ago . But now in his quest for yet another political office he seeks the Los Angeles Police Departments Protective League endorsement and the approval of past and current members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

As a retired member of a law enforcement community and having been married to a Los Angeles Police Homicide Detective ( now deceased ) I find State Assemblyman Mike Feuer' actions deplorable.
Your thoughts and comments always appreciated.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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