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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

CD 11 City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Zuma Dogg in more congenial times.
We start off this Tuesday morning with this bloggin public service announcement from 2013 Mayoral Candidate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltzburg.
Tune into TV 35, Tuesday at 10am, Wed at 10am, Fri at 10am...EVERY CITY COUNCIL MEETING at 10am, for the "Bill Rosendope Comedy Roast," during public comment. Have you HEARD Zuma Dogg's impersonation of Rosie? Wait till you hear what the community has to say about him. COPS not happy with him, either. His spineless, lack of leadership and constant fall-through is a REAL issue for them, from what I'm told.
MEANWHILE, thanks for confirming what I've been saying: DOWD/DOGG UNDER COUNCIL'S SKIN!

In an ideal Councilman Rosendahl world, crapping, urinating, camping and destroying public property, is a by-product of expressing your First Amendment rights, while highlighting the ills of a dysfunctional government at City Hall is grounds for expulsion.
Hecho En Mexico Restaurant. Boxed in on both sides by Academia Semillas del Pueblo properties. 
** Under the political radar to most is a growing controversy within the community of El Sereno. It appears that controversial educator Marcos Aguilar is bullying the owner of the well-liked restaurant "Hecho En Mexico" (the restaurant hosted President Barack H. Obama's sister during the 2008 Campaign and has sponsored numerous community events) over parking access near their respective properties. In recent years, Aguilar's Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School has purchase property directly on both sides of the long establish eatery. Complicating the situation is that Hecho En Mexico has a liquor license to sell beer, wine and liquor which makes you wonder what happen to the zoning process when Aguilar's non-profit purchase the properties (including the old El Sereno Library)?

Marcos to Huizar: "The Aztec Gods (with the help of my supporters campaign contributions) see a day when the city gives us "surplus property" on Elephant Hill for our Charter School".
After repeated complaints between Hecho and Academia over parking, Academia is now preparing to challenge the ABC renewal of Hecho's liquor license. Many in the El Sereno Community are questioning the actions of Marcos Aguilar considering that Hecho has been a good neighbor to the community and that the restaurant was established long before Academia set up its educational commune on another location further south on Huntington Drive.
But what is the real goal for Marcos Aguilar in his battle with Hecho En Mexico? Could it be that Marcos has his eyes set on "surplus city property" north of his current location? Its no secret in the El Sereno Community that Aguilar wants access to "open space". Early last decade, Aguilar tried securing open space at Debs Park for his initial charter school site but was rebuffed by community members. Currently, Aguilar's school has been working behind the scenes with SMMC/MRCA on education ideas for its just purchase five acre site on Elephant Hill. Could Aguilar crave asking the City of Los Angeles to allow his educational commune to relocate to the remaining "surplus property" on Elephant Hill, away from Huntington Drive? Thus, granting Aguilar his much sought after open space (at city cost) for furthering his connection to the Azteca Educational Gods?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14       

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