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Saturday, October 21, 2006

County Gives Workers 15% Pay Raise Over Three Years. . .

. . . plus increased benefits.

According to the Daily News, "thousands of county employees make more than $100,000 a year, about 3,000 clerks, nursing attendants, cooks, custodians and laundry workers make less than $30,000 a year and qualify for welfare benefits."

What do you want to bet they're ALL getting a big raise, not just the 3000 clerks, cooks, etc.?

Nurses will get an 18% to 30% pay raise.

Here's the part I love:

"Chief Administrative Officer David Janssen wouldn't say how much the total package would cost until it's ratified.

"But Janssen said the county can afford it because of rising property tax collections and the recent passage of a measure that prevents the state from raiding local coffers."

Yes, why trouble the grubby little taxpayers with unseemly details like HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST US?! Let's wait until after it's a done deal to present the check. We can afford it. Heck, it probably works out to just a latte every ten minutes. . . .

Daily News: http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_4527204


Anonymous Anonymous said:

wait till Aquino of EAA gives the city of LA the county federation of labor strike sanction this wednesday at city hall--expect fireworks.

October 21, 2006 9:54 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thats what EAA expects when the city comes crawling back to negotiations-or suffers the effects of a Port of LA shutdown. (Thank you LA County Federation of Labor for the strike sanction.)
Lets see: Fugioki is gone, CAO in turmoil, heads are rolling--could it be a new day in labor negotiations with the City of LA?

October 21, 2006 10:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The County is in a death-spiral. David Janssen, the CAO, is on his way out and has basically created a house of cards that will start collapsing the day he walks out the door in January. The five Board members are not fit to run a convenience store let alone the largest local government in the nation. Look at Zev Yaroslavsky's comment in the LA Times today about King/Drew -- he finally feels "liberated to do what we should have done two years ago." What about all the people who died in that hospital and suffered because of negligence that ultimately Zev and his four co-horts are responsible for? Glad he feels "liberated" but this is about life and death and 100's (yes 100's) of millions of tax dollars being wasted. It is time to vote those 5 career politicians out of office -- or better yet blow up the county structure all together, regionalize social services and standardize the services received throughout the State.

October 21, 2006 12:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

would this hospital have been left to continue to operate if it was in BH? that's the question. these supervisors deserve the boot. if they truly cared about the people they represent they would resign due to incompetency...

October 22, 2006 8:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

And people wonder why the city is pressing for denser development. This makes me sick. And I vow I will vote down every proposal and every bond measure until this crap stops!

October 23, 2006 6:43 PM  

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