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Friday, October 09, 2020

A TGIF News Dump on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond)

Scandal-weary constituents of LA's Council District Fourteen, thankfully begin the last weekend of corrupt representation via Indicted Officeholder Jose Huizar, as incoming "Temporary City Councilman, Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon", places his 2022 Mayoral Aspirations paramount (allegedly) ……, over the needs of a CD-14 in crisis.  

Will incoming CD-14 City Councilman (and likely 2022 Mayoral Candidate) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, merely become a "Huizar 2.0" as he seeks advise from dubious former Huizar Staffers such as Henry Casas?
** Blogger's Notes: Finally ……..., the end is near. Come the dawn next Friday, the CD-9 born Kevin Alexander Leon (known politically as Kevin de Leon), will begin his first full day getting compensated to serve the constituents of CD-14. From the very beginning when the likes of Michael Trujillo, Robert Urteaga, Ully, Zuma Dogg and the great "Parque Esqueleto", engaged in unmoderated cyber-dialog, the Mayor Sam Blog has been a constant in providing coverage on the "Era of the Princeton Graduate, turned Councilman Jose Huizar" …….., and will to its supposed end next week. We would be remiss if we did not engage in a final bloggin act of a "Sleazy Huizzy (and Relative) Retrospective" …….., which will commence this weekend----Scott Johnson.     

Black Lives Matter LA Frontperson (and Cal State LA Professor) Melina Abdullah finds political solidarity with Fellow Traveler Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.

These two Collectivist Apologists for Non-Democratic Governance ……, deserve one another. The noted "Political Soul Brother" of Indicted CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, is seeking some protection from his own future Day of Reckoning (allegedly), by hiding in the media shadow of Melina Abdullah. The former Los Angeles City Council Central Committee Strongman, who in recent weeks has exploited the issue of Law Enforcement Abuse, has earned the endorsement of the lead anti-police agitator (as witness via her and flock behavior at numerous Police Commission Meetings) Melina Abdullah. We should note that when African-Americans were the target of Firebombing Attacks in the Ramona Gardens Housing Development, both Wesson and Abdullah were absence in condemning the Hate Crimes …….., committed by Non-whites. 

CD-10 City Council Candidate Grace Yoo, gives witness to the documented, unethical proclivities of challenger and Career Politician Mark Ridley-Thomas. 

Bravo to the MAYOR SAM ENDORSED CD-10 City Council Candidate Grace Yoo for giving witness to the documented, corrupt and blatantly unethical proclivities of Mark (and Son) Ridley-Thomas. From the days long ago, when former indicted and convicted SEIU 6434 General Manager Tyrone Freeman sought to raise Union Dues on low wage Home Care Workers to finance Ridley-Thomas Board of Supervisor Campaign, through the scandal of the public-financed "Home Renovation Thomas Man Cave Addition" and most recently, with the USC Father and Son Money Laundry Episode, the dour-faced Politico has been a continuous, bloggin source of malfeasance, exposed. Like incoming CD-14 City Councilman Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, Ridley-Thomas is seeking to use the CD-10 Office to front a future 2022 Mayoral Campaign, which should be a non-started ……., with his loss on Election Day.

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