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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Local 2020 Federal Election Proceedings (and more) for Tuesday

On the morning before the first Presidential Debate, the Mayor Sam Blog recommences its 2020 Elections Coverage with a preview of upcoming Congressional Campaign Coverage (featuring Republican Candidates Eric Early, C. Antonio Delgado, and Joe Collins). Plus, cyber musings on a local RINO Political Consultant (Luis Alvarado) ……., who has joined "Team Joe". 
Republican Congressional Candidate Eric Early speaking at last Fall's KRLA 870 AM "Meet the Candidates Event" in Glendale. 

** Bloggers Notes: On the morning before the much-anticipated first 2020 Presidential Campaign Debate between President Donald J. Trump and Democratic Challenger Joe Biden, the Mayor Sam Blog recommences its Federal to Local Campaign Coverage, with a preview of local Congressional Contests of Interest. With the 25th Congressional District Special Election victory by Republican Mike Garcia last Spring, local same-party aspirants are seeking to replicate, mow Congressman Garcia's success, by structuring campaigns that are message-driven and focus on the absentee representation of the incumbent Democratic Officeholders. In addition to our Congressional Coverage, we will provide regular musings on the 2020 Presidential Campaign and its local numerous sub-plots, including a RINO Political Consultant, who has associated himself with the Biden-supporting Lincoln Project. In the days ahead, rest assure that we will have ample down-ticket coverage, especially on the runoffs for Los Angeles City Council and other local races of interest----Scott Johnson.

Eric Early for Congress: Among President Trump supporters (and most Republicans), there is no more reviled Democratic Congressman, than Glendale's (via Maryland) Adam Schiff. The absentee Incumbent is facing a formidable challenge from Attorney Eric Early, who is leaving no communication medium unused …….., and its causing concern. Despite a complete absence of reporting from the local "Stenographer of Record (aka. LA Times)", the Early Campaign is making the case to voters that Congressman Schiff's role in promoting the Russian Collusion Hoax, Bogus Ukraine Impeachment, while ignoring his Congressional District's quality of life issues, provides fodder for a Election Day of Reckoning. 
Republican Congressional Candidate C. Antonio Delgado at last Fall's KRLA Event.
C. Antonio Delgado for Congress: 40th Congressional District Republican Challenger C. Antonio Delgado is garnering increased coverage for his upstart, grass-roots campaign to unseat longtime Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard and prompting focus on the  questionable patronage proclivities of the Incumbent's family.  In the days ahead, additional documentation will be forthcoming on the questionable ethical and legal actions of a certain "Offspring (and Municipal Attorney) " ...….., while offering continuing focus on the Delgado Campaign's efforts to achieve victory on Election Day.

Republican Congressional Candidate Joe Collins.
43rd Congressional District Republican Candidate Joe Collins: The Joe Collins Campaign is running a well-funded Campaign that has garnered ad time on local radio stations. With recent polls showing increased African-American support for President Trump, its not inconceivable that the Navy Veteran, turned Congressional Candidate, poll well at the Ballot Box.

Local Political Consultant (and Joe Biden Supporter) Luis Alvarado.
California Republicans has another RINO Issue as Southeast LA Political Consultant Luis Alvarado has signed on with the Democratic-funded "Lincoln Project" The noted supported of the 2016 Jeb Bush Campaign cites President Trump's alleged disdain for Latinos ……….., while apparently ignoring Lincoln Project Co-founder Rick Wilson's Wife past "Mexican Comment". Alvarado's in the recent past has shown support for Indicted CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (in his 2015 Campaign against Gloria Molina) and was the Campaign Consultant for Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano, who punched out a Colleague at a Conference in Indian Wells.

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