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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Hump Day

City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Nomination of Legacy LA Executive Director Maria "Lou" Calanche to serve on the Police Commission, has prompted a cyber-revisiting of her role in preserving a corrupt City of Vernon Municipality (in return for Non-Profit Funding) and whether she knowingly exposed children ........., to unhealthy levels of Lead and Asbestos..
 Legacy LA Executive Director (and LA Police Commission Nominee) Maria "Lou" Calanche with former Boss Richard Alatorre.
** Blogger's Note: As the reign of Failure Mayor 2-0 Eric Garcetti nears its termination, its becoming increasingly obvious that the quality of Mayoral Appointments .......,, is retrograding fast. Witness the Nomination of Connected Non-Profit Legacy LA Executive Director Maria "Lou" Calanche to serve on the Police Commission, who bluntly has NO BUSINESS serving on a Governmental Oversight Body, where experience, ethics and integrity ........, should be paramount attributes. In reality, Calanche has no previous experience in Law Enforcement Oversight,.merely using her "Political Connections (Richard Alatorre, Jose Huizar and Kevin de Leon)" to pimp for Public Money, by exploiting past community incidents involving LAPD, to inflate her Non-Profit Bank Account. Its also DOCUMENTED that Legacy LA received a generous financial payoff from the City of Vernon, after Ms. Calanche supported then State Senator Kevin de Leon's efforts to preserve the controversial Municipality from being dis-incorporated. But most important in vetting Calanche's Fitness to Serve on the Police Commission, is whether her continuous embellishing of her supposed "Ramona Gardens-upbringing (a falsehood)", is matched by her selfish-based disregard for those who were exposed to UNHEALTHY LEVELS of Lead and Asbestos at the Legacy LA-based Hazard Park Armory, prior to its recent ........, City of Vernon-financed retrofit? Simply, Ms. Calanche should provide City of LA Rec. and Parks "Right of Entry Documentation", to prove that she was legally-operating Legacy LA ............, according to City and County Codes. 
Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustee Candidate Rolando "Londie the Big O" Cuevas, in a prophetic Election Day Pose?
Somewhere in a Superior Courtroom within Los Angeles County, a former LA Mayor, turned Judge is either smiling (or laughing his dull rear off), in the knowledge that his BIGGEST Mayoral Cheerleader......., is running for Public Office (LOL!!). Rolando "Londie the Big O" Cuevas, is making noise (as usual) about challenging incumbent LACCD District One Board of Trustee Member Andra Hoffman in November (is he serious?). Cuevas is a well-known character (and supposed Consultant) withing the LA Political Machine, ranking with former Mayor Sam Blogger and Ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa "Designated Driver" Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo, in the top-tier of local cartoon-like political characters. If the "Big O" is serious (for once) in challenging Hoffman, expect a skeleton-rattling campaign. 
Is former Congressional Candidate Sara Hernandez seeking to emulate her former, Indicted CD-14 Boss Jose Huizar's Path of Political Ambition?
Its apparent that former Congressional Candidate (and CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer) Sara Hernandez, does not suffer from a lack of Political Ambition. The new Mom is making the rounds in gauging and garnering support for a ..........., very-possible 2022 LAUSD District Two Campaign. The supposed Downtown LA Booster, has allegedly purchase a Boyle Heights Home that would establish domicile for the LAUSD District Two Election. During the recent CD-14 City Council Campaign, Hernandez facilitated a Downtown LA Candidate Forum that acted as a showcase for incoming City Councilman Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, a fact likely helping with her desire to seek the School Board Seat being vacated by Monica Garcia. Its of interest to note that Hernandez, like Huizar is likely to use the LAUSD School Board as a stepping-stone for "Higher Political Aspirations (if successful)".
The List of Guilty Cronies of a Princeton Graduate, turned Indicted City Councilman Jose Huizar, continues to grow. 
The true Listgate of Guilty, Corrupt Cronies of Princeton Graduate, turned Indicted City Clowncilman Jose Huizar ........, continues to grow. Lobbyist "Morrie" Goldman became the latest to plead GUILTY to enabling the RICO aspirations of Jose Huizar (and others?). As the number of the Guilty continues to grow, the intuitive observer needs to give SERIOUS consideration to the thoughts of former Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks, who opined that the 2012 Redistricting Process, was the genesis of the current state of corrupt affairs at 200 Spring Street. If true, then the likes of Mayor Eric Garcetti, former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and a certain Ex City Council Strongman ........., may have more numerous, nervous days ahead----Scott Johnson


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